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Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPhone 5

Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPhone 5 by Guy Hart-Davis
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Chapter 1 Getting Started with Your iPhone

Unbox the iPhone and Charge It  4

Turn On the iPhone and Meet the Hardware Controls  6

Download, Install, and Set Up iTunes  8

Authorize and Set Up Your iPhone Using iTunes  10

Choose Which Items to Sync  12

Sync Your iPhone with iTunes via Wi-Fi  16

Authorize and Set Up Your iPhone Using iCloud  18

Explore the iPhone’s User Interface and

Launch Apps  22

Use Notification Center  24

Chapter 2 Choosing Which Data to Sync

Sync Contacts with Your iPhone  28

Choose Which Calendars to Sync  30

Sync Mail Accounts with Your iPhone  32

Sync Bookmarks and Notes with Your iPhone  34

Put Photos on Your iPhone  36

Put Books, Audiobooks, and PDF Files on Your iPhone  38

Transfer Files to Your iPhone Using iTunes File Sharing  40

Chapter 3 Personalizing Your iPhone

Find the Settings You Need  44

Choose Which Apps Can Give Notifications  46

Choose Sounds Settings  48

Set Screen Brightness and Wallpaper Backgrounds  50

Choose Privacy and Location Settings  52

Configure Spotlight Search to Find What You Need  54

Choose Locking and Sleep Settings  56

Set Up and Use the Do Not Disturb Mode  58

Secure Your iPhone with a Passcode Lock  60

Configure Restrictions and Parental Controls  62

Choose Date, Time, and International Settings  64

Set Up Your Facebook and Twitter Accounts  66

Chapter 4 Working with Siri and Dictation

Give Commands with Siri  70

Dictate Text Using Siri  72

Gather and Share Information with Siri  74

Configure Siri to Work Your Way  76

Chapter 5 Setting Up Mail, Contacts, and Calendar

Set Up Your Mail Accounts  80

Control How the iPhone Displays Your E-Mail  82

Organize Your E-Mail Messages by Thread  84

Set Your Default E-Mail Account  86

Choose How Your iPhone Displays Your Contacts  87

Import Contacts from a SIM Card  88

Choose Alert Options for Calendar Events  89

Choose Your Default Calendar and Time Zone  90

Set Your Default Account for Notes  92

Chapter 6 Using Your iPhone to Make Calls

Make Phone Calls  96

Use the Headset to Make and Take Calls  98

Use a Wireless Headset or Car Kit 100

Mute a Call or Put a Call on Hold 101

Make a Conference Call 102

Save Time with Call Favorites and Recents 104

Set Up and Use Visual Voicemail 106

Send SMS and MMS Messages 108

Chat Face to Face Using FaceTime 110

Share Contacts via E-Mail and Messages 112

Chapter 7 Networking with Cellular and Wi-Fi

Turn Cellular and Wi-Fi Access On and Off 116

Monitor Your Cellular Network Usage 117

Connect Your iPhone to a Different Carrier 118

Turn Data Roaming On or Off 119

Connect Bluetooth Devices to Your iPhone120

Share Your iPhone’s Internet Access Using

Personal Hotspot 122

Connect to Wi-Fi Networks 126

Log In to Wi-Fi Hotspots 128

Chapter 8 Working with Apps

Customize the Home Screen 132

Organize Apps with Folders 134

Switch Quickly from One App to Another 136

Find the Apps You Need on the App Store 138

Update and Remove Apps 140

Install an App Provided by an Administrator 142

Chapter 9 Browsing the Web and Sending E-Mail

Browse the Web with Safari 146

Access Websites Quickly with Your Bookmarks 148

Create Bookmarks and Share Web Pages 150

Configure Your Default Search Engine 152

Fill in Forms Quickly with AutoFill 154

Tighten Up Safari’s Security 156

Read Your E-Mail Messages 158

Reply To or Forward an E-Mail Message 160

Organize Your Messages in Mailbox Folders 162

Write and Send E-Mail Messages 164

View Files Attached to Incoming E-Mail Messages 166

Search for E-Mail Messages 168

Chapter 10 Working with Contacts and Calendars

Browse or Search for Contacts 172

Create a New Contact 174

Share Contacts via E-Mail and MMS 176

Browse Existing Events in Your Calendars 178

Create New Events in Your Calendars 180

Work with Calendar Invitations 182

Keep Track of Your Commitments with Reminders 184

Keep Essential Documents at Hand with Passbook 188

Chapter 11 Playing Music and Videos

Play Back Music Using the Music App 192

Play Back Videos Using the Videos App 194

Create a Playlist with the Music App 196

Customize the Music App’s Interface 198

Use Podcasts and iTunes U 200

Shop for Music and Video at the iTunes Store 202

Chapter 12 Working with Photos and Books

Browse Your Photos Using Events, Faces, and Places  206

Share Your Photos with Your Computers and

iOS Devices Using Photo Stream 210

Share Photo Streams with Other People 212

Share Photos via E-Mail and Messaging 214

Play Slide Shows of Your Photos 216

Play Photos from Your iPhone on a TV 218

Read Digital Books with iBooks 220

Browse and Buy Digital Books with iBooks 222

Add PDF Files to iBooks and Read Them 224

Chapter 13 Using Apps, Facebook, and Twitter

Find Your Location with Maps’ GPS and Compass 228

Find Directions with the Maps App 230

Explore with 3D Flyovers 232

Use Maps’ Bookmarks and Contacts 234

Share a Location via E-Mail and Instant Messaging 236

Track Stock Prices with the Stocks App 238

Use Calculator, Voice Memos, Stopwatch, Timer, and Newsstand 240

Set Up the Clock App with Multiple Time Zones 242

Set Alarms 244

Look Up Forecasts in Weather 246

Share Your Updates Using Twitter 248

Post Updates on Facebook 250

Chapter 14 Taking Photos and Videos

Take Photos with the Camera App 254

Take HDR Photos and Panorama Photos and Use the Grid 256

Capture Video 258

Edit with the Trim Feature 260

Share Your Photos and Videos 262

Create Movies Using Apple’s iMovie App 264

Chapter 15 Advanced Features and Troubleshooting

Install Configuration Profiles on Your iPhone 270

Connect to a Network via VPN 272

Connect Your iPhone to Exchange Server 274

Use VoiceOver to Identify Items On-Screen 276

Use Other Accessibility Features 278

Update Your iPhone’s Software 280

Extend Your iPhone’s Runtime on the Battery 282

Back Up and Restore Your iPhone’s Data and Settings with Your Computer 284

Back Up and Restore Your iPhone’s Data and Settings with iCloud 286

Reset Your Network, Dictionary, and Home Screen Settings 288

Restore Your iPhone to Factory Settings 290

Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Connections 292

Troubleshoot iTunes Sync Problems 294

Locate Your iPhone with Find My iPhone 296

Index  300

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Title: Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPhone 5
Author: Guy Hart-Davis
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