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The Power of Mesmerism: A Highly Erotic Narrative of Voluptuous Facts and Fancies, by Anonymous - The Original Classic Edition

The Power of Mesmerism: A Highly Erotic Narrative of Voluptuous Facts and Fancies, by Anonymous - The Original Classic Edition
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If you like Victorian erotica this book is definitely something you dont want to miss. The story ranges from titillating to arousing and is suitable for those with kinky taste or who are looking to enjoy a book that is rather different from the usual.

This is a high quality book of the original classic edition.

This is a freshly published edition of this culturally important work, which is now, at last, again available to you.

Enjoy this classic work. These few paragraphs distill the contents and give you a quick look inside:

He gently laid Ethel down on her back, and after waiting to satisfy himself that she was in a fast mesmeric sleep, he placed one throbbing hand on her hip, and gradually raising it till he found the lovely prominence of one charming bosom, then his other hand sought its companion, and he pressed those heaving hills of snow which he felt perfectly under her thin muslin dress.

...When he first reached school in Germany he was perfectly innocent, but was speedily initiated into all the mysteries of frigging and prick sucking by his school-fellows, who also used to fuck each other between the thighs, while a third behind received the point of his prick in his mouth each time it was pressed forward and sucked out every drop of spend that he could obtain.

...The masters prick was again furiously erect, so throwing the birch down again he took a small pot of cold cream and produced an implement somewhat resembling an artificial prick (it was in fact a dildo), which he plentifully rubbed with the ointment, then taking more on his finger, approached the boy, and pressing apart the cheeks of his bottom, began to anoint the tight, wrinkled bumhole with it, gradually inserting his finger further and further inside.

...He next proceeded with both hands, which he passed in front of the boys belly, and seized his glorious prick and balls, and while fucking him in the bottom, frigged him also, now stopping, and then again proceeding with rapidity, until at last the boy spent profusely, at the same moment that the master deposited within him his exhilarating emission.

...Madame G??, not to be behind hand, again seated herself astraddle the victims waist, and rubbing her opened cunt in the spendings that still remained on her back from the previous fucking that had taken place there, frigged herself thus, as Frank increased her excitement and pleasure by working his moistened finger in the wrinkled bum-hole she presented to his view, to her intense enjoyment.

Emereo Publishing; Read online
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