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Prophecies of Nostradamus

Prophecies of Nostradamus by Michel de) Nostradamus (Nostredame
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Michel de Nostredame, who wrote his works under the name Nostradamus, was a prominent physician and astrologer of the 16th century, and perhaps the most famous prophet since the days of the old testament. He published six volumes of highly symbolic quatrains that purported to foresee important events from his lifetime (1503-1566) to the year A.D. 3737.

He was renowned in his own time, received at the French court, lionized by the public, and feared by the Church. Readers of every century from his to ours have devoured his brief and puzzling prognostications, and attempted to see in them the events of their own times.

This New Albion Press edition contains all ten "centuries", or groups of 100 quatrains, that make up the Prophecies, and includes a biography of Nostradamus written especially for the New Albion Press editions. It is illustrated with contemporary paintings and woodcuts, as well as later illustrations, and includes Nostradamus’ letters to his son César and to Henri II King of France. It can be searched, highlighted, and annotated by the reader.

New Albion Press;
Title: Prophecies of Nostradamus
Author: Michel de) Nostradamus (Nostredame
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