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Statistical Mechanics

Statistical Mechanics by S K Ma
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This is a unique and exciting graduate and advanced undergraduate text written by a highly respected physicist who had made significant contributions to the subject. This book conveys to the reader that statistical mechanics is a growing and lively subject. It deals with many modern topics from a physics standpoint in a very physical way. Particular emphasis is given to the fundamental assumption of statistical mechanics S=1n and its logical foundation. Calculational rules are derived without resorting to abstract ensemble theory.

Contents: Equilibrium; Basic Concepts of Thermodynamics; Law of Detailed Balance; Electrons in Metals; Entropy and Molecular Motion; Elementary Applications of the Basic Assumption; Rules of Calculation; Illustrative Examples; Yang-Lee Theorem; Probability and Statistics; Independence and Chaos; Sum of Many Independent Variables; Correlation Functions; Corrections to the Ideal Gas Law; Phase Equilibrium; Magnetism; Ising Model; Impurities and Motion; Electrostatic Interaction; The Equation of Motion for Gas; Diffusion Equation; Numerical Simulation; Laws of Thermodynamics; Echo Phenomena; Entropy Calculation from the Trajectory of Motion; The Origin; Mean Field Solutions; Fluctuation of the Boundary Surface; Models with Continuous Symmetry; Theory of Superfluidity.

Readership: Physicists, chemists and applied mathematicians.

World Scientific Publishing Company; Read online
Title: Statistical Mechanics
Author: S K Ma
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