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Dermatotoxicology, Sixth Edition

Dermatotoxicology, Sixth Edition by Hongbo Zhai
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New - Skin Permeability
New - Occlusion and Barrier Function
New - Percutaneous Absorption of Complex Chemical Mixtures
Anatomical Factors Affecting Barrier Function
Lipids of the Permeability Barrier
Percutaneous Absorption: Short-Term Exposure, Lag Time, Multiple Exposure, Model Variations, and Absorption from Clothing
New - Chemical Partitioning Into Powdered Human Stratum Corneum: A Useful in vitro Model for Studying Interaction of Chemical and Human Skin
New - Sensitive Skin
New - Transdermal Drug Delivery System
New - Iontophoresis
Irritant Dermatitis (Irritation)
Allergic Contact Dermatitis
New - Irritant Contact Dermatitis Versus Allergic Contact Dermatitis
Molecular Basis of Allergic Contact Dermatitis
Systemic Contact Dermatitis
New - Permeability of Human Skin to Metals And Paths for Their Diffusion
Photoirritation (Phototoxicity, Phototoxic Dermatitis)
Chemically Induced Scleroderma
Chemical Agents that Cause Depigmentation
Sulfur Mustard: A Chemical Vesicant Model
Carcinogenesis: Current Trends in Skin Cancer Research
Retinoids and Their Mechanisms of Toxicity
New - Skin Disorders Caused by Cosmetics in China
New - Drug Induced Ocular Phototoxicity
New - Water: Is It An Irritant?
New - Sodium Lauryl Sulfate In Dermatotoxicology
New - Barrier Creams

Methods for in vitro Percutaneous Absorption
New - Tape Stripping Method and Stratum Corneum
Percutaneous Absorption of Hazardous Substances from Soil and Water
Isolated Perfused Porcine Skin Flap 32. Physiologically-Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling
Methods for in vitro Skin Metabolism Studies
Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems: Dermatologic and Other Adverse Reactions
Predictive Toxicology Methods for Transdermal Delivery Systems
Animal, Human, and in vitro Test Methods for Predicting Skin Irritation
Analysis of Structural Change in Intercellular Lipids of Human Stratum Corneum Induced by Surfactants: Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) Study
Test Methods for Allergic Contact Dermatitis in Animals
New - Test Methods for Allergic Contact Dermatitis in Humans
New - Immunoadjuvants in Prospective Testing for Contact Allergens
The Local Lymph Node Assay
Contact Urticaria and the Contact Urticaria Syndrome (Immediate Contact Reactions)
New - An Optimized in vitro Approach to Assess Skin Irritation and Phototoxicity of Topical Vehicles
Photoirritation (Phototoxicity) Testing in Humans
New - Measuring and Quantifying Ultraviolet Radiation Exposure
New - Use of Pig Skin Preparations in Novel Diffusion Cell Arrays to Measure Skin Absorption and to Evaluate Potential Chemical Toxicity
New - Determination of Subclinical Changes of Barrier Function
Assessing the Validity of Alternative Methods for Toxicity Testing
New - Animal Models for Immunologic and Nonimunologic Contact Urticaria
New - Diagnostic Tests in Dermatology: Patch and Photopatch Testing and Contact Urticaria Cosmetic Reactions
New - Evaluating Efficacy of Barrier Creams: in vitro and in vivo Models
New - Light-induced Dermal Toxicity: Effects on the Cellular and Molecular Levels.
CRC Press; Read online
Title: Dermatotoxicology, Sixth Edition
Author: Hongbo Zhai; Howard I. Maibach
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