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Anticancer Agents from Natural Products

Anticancer Agents from Natural Products by Gordon M. Cragg
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Introduction; G.M. Cragg, David G. I. Kingston, and D.J. Newman

Camptothecin and its Analogs; N.J. Rahier, C.J. Thomas, and S.M. Hecht

The Discovery and Development of the Combretastatins; K.G. Pinney, C. Jelinek, K. Edvardsen, D.J. Chaplin, and G.R. Pettit

Homoharringtonine and Related Compounds; H. Itokawa, X. Wang, and K.-H. Lee

Podophyllotoxins and Analogs; K.-H. Lee and Z. Xiao

Taxol and Its Analogs; David G. I. Kingston

The Vinca Alkaloids; F. Guéritte and J. Fahy

The Bryostatins; D.J. Newman

The Isolation, Characterization, and Development of a Novel Class of Potent Antimitotic Macrocyclic Depsipeptides: The Cryptophycins; R.S. Al-Awar and C. Shih

Chemistry and Biology of the Discodermolides, Potent Mitotic Spindle Poisons; S.P. Gunasekera and A.E. Wright

The Dolastatins: Novel Antitumor Agents from Dolabella auricularia; E. Flahive and J. Srirangam

Ecteinascidin 743 (ET-743; Yondelis™), Aplidine, and Kahalalide F; R. Henriquez, G. Faircloth, and C. Cuevas

Discovery of E7389, a Fully Synthetic Macrocyclic Ketone Analog of Halichondrin B; M.J. Yu, Y. Kishi, and B.A. Littlefield

HTI-286, A Synthetic Analog of the Antimitotic Natural Product Hemiasterlin; R.J. Andersen and M. Roberge

The Actinomycins; A.B. Mauger and H. Lackner

Anthracyclines; F.M. Arcamone

Ansamitocins (Maytansinoids); T.-W. Yu and H.G. Floss

Benzoquinone Ansamycins; K.M. Snader

Bleomycin Group of Antitumor Agents; S.M. Hecht

Biochemical and Biological Evaluation of (+)-CC-1065 Analogs and Conjugates with Polyamides; R. Kumar and J.W. Lown

Epothilone, a Myxobacterial Metabolite with Promising Antitumor Activity; G. Höfle and H. Reichenbach

Enediynes; P.R. Hamann, J. Upeslacis, and D.B. Borders

The Mitomycins; W.A. Remers

Staurosporines and Structurally Related Indolocarbazoles as Antitumor Agents; M. Prudhomme

Combinatorial Biosynthesis of Anticancer Natural Products; M.G. Thomas, K.A. Bixby, and B. Shen

Developments and Future Trends in Anticancer Natural Products Drug Discovery; D.J. Newman and G.M. Cragg
CRC Press; Read online
Title: Anticancer Agents from Natural Products
Author: Gordon M. Cragg; David G. I. Kingston; David J. Newman
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