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Identification, Refactoring, and Management

Antipatterns by Colin J. Neill
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Patterns and Antipatterns
A Timeless Way of Building
Pattern Structure
Many Eyes
Antipattern Structure
Management and Environmental Antipatterns
Consistency and Completeness

Human Patterns and Antipatterns
Human Patterns
Human Antipatterns and Negative Personality Types

Group Patterns and Antipatterns
Tuckman’s Theory of Teams
Sports Analogies to Teams
Evolution to Antipatterns

Successfully Leading Teams
The Growth of Team Size
Micromanagers and Laissez-Faire Managers
Theory X
Theory Y
Theory W
Theory Z
Principle Centered Leadership
General Advice

Management Antipatterns
Name: Absentee Manager
Name: All You Have is a Hammer
Name: Cage Match Negotiator
Name: Doppelganger
Name: Fruitless Hoops
Name: Golden Child
Name: Headless Chicken
Name: Leader Not Manager
Name: Manager Not Leader
Name: Managerial Cloning
Name: Metric Abuse
Name: Mr. Nice Guy
Name: Mushroom Management
Name: Plate Spinning
Name: Proletariat Hero
Name: Rising Upstart
Name: Road to Nowhere
Name: Spineless Executive
Name: Three Headed Knight
Name: Ultimate Weapon
Name: Warm Bodies

Environmental Antipatterns
Name: Ant Colony
Name: Atlas Shrug
Name: Autonomous Collective
Name: Boiling Frog Syndrome
Name: Burning Bag of Dung
Name: Buzzword Mania
Name: Deflated Balloon
Name: Divergent Goals
Name: Dogmatic about Dysfunction
Name: Dunkirk Spirit
Name: The Emperor’s New Clothes
Name: Fairness Doctrine
Name: Fools Rush In
Name: Founderitis
Name: French Waiter Syndrome
Name: Geek Hazing
Name: Institutional Mistrust
Name: Kiosk City
Name: Mediocracy
Name: One-Eyed King
Name: Orange Stand Economics
Name: Pitcairn Island
Name: Potemkin Village
Name: Process Clash
Name: Rubik’s Cube
Name: Shoeless Children
Name: Worshiping the Golden Calf

General Advice in Dealing with Antipatterns
Be Kind
Do Not Blame Other People
Learn to Deliver Bad News
Do Not Worry for Other People
Do Not Shoot the Messenger
Let People Learn from Their Mistakes
Just Get It Done
Remember the Law of Unintended Consequences
Never Give Up
Never Attribute to Malice What Stupidity Can Explain
Remember that Luck Can Play a Role
Remember that No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
Remember that People Despise in Others What They Hate
in Themselves
Use Golden Rule Management
Never Mess with Space, Title, or Salary
Be a Mentor
Always Set and Meet Expectations
Remember that You Take the Same Person with You
Wherever You Go
CRC Press; Read online
Title: Antipatterns
Author: Colin J. Neill; Philip A. Laplante
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