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Biomedical Engineering Fundamentals

Biomedical Engineering Fundamentals by Joseph D. Bronzino
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Physiologic Systems; Herbert F. Voigt
An Outline of Cardiovascular Structure and Function; Daniel J. Schneck
Endocrine System; Derek G. Cramp and Ewart R. Carson
Nervous System; Evangelia Micheli-Tzanakou and Annette Nievies
Vision System; George D. Stetten
Auditory System; Ben M. Clopton and Herbert F. Voigt
Gastrointestinal System; Berj L. Bardakjiari
Respiratory System; Arthur T. Johnson, Christopher G. Lausted, Joseph D. Bronzino
Physiological Modeling, Simulation, and Control; Joseph L. Palladino
Modeling Strategies and Cardiovascular Dynamics; Joseph L. Palladino, Gary M. Drzewiecki, and Abraham Noordergraaf
Compartmental Models of Physiologic Systems; Claudio Cobelli, Giovanni Sparacino,Maria Pia Saccomani, Gianna Maria Toffolo, and Andrea Caumo
Cardiovascular Models and Control; William D. Timmons
Respiratory Models and Control; Chi-Sang Poon
Neural Networks for Physiological Control; James J. Abbas
Methods and Tools for Identification of Physiologic Systems; Vasilis Z. Marmarelis
Autoregulating Windkessel Dynamics May Cause Low Frequency Oscillations; Gary Drzewiecki, John K-J. Li, and Abraham Noordergraaf
External Control of Movements; Dejan B. Popović and Mirjana B. Popović
The Fast Eye Movement Control System; John Denis Enderle
A Comparative Approach to Analysis and Modeling of Cardiovascular Function; John K-J. Li, Ying Zhu, and Abraham Noordergraaf
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation: Biomedical and Biophysical Analyses; Gerrit J. Noordergraaf, Johnny T. Ottesen, Gert Jan Scheffer,Wil H.A. Schilders, and Abraham Noordergraaf
Bioelectric Phenomena; William Smith
Basic Electrophysiology; Roger C. Barr
Volume Conductor Theory; Robert Plonsey
The Electrical Conductivity of Tissues; Bradley J. Roth
Membrane Models; Anthony Varghese
Numerical Methods for Bioelectric Field Problems; Christopher R. Johnson
Principles of Electrocardiography; Edward J. Berbari
Principles of Electromyography; Kaj-Åge Henneberg
Principles of Electroencephlography; Joseph D. Bronzino
Biomagnetism; Jaakko Malmivuo
Electrical Stimulation of Excitable Systems; Dominique M. Durand
Neuroengineering; Daniel J. DiLorenzo, Cedric F. Walker, and Ross Davis
History and Overview of Neural Engineering; Daniel DiLorenzo and Robert E. Gross
Electrical Stimulation of the Central Nervous System; Warren M. Grill
Transcutaneous FES for Ambulation: The Parastep System; Daniel Graupe
Comparing Electrodes for Use as Cortical Control Signals: Tiny Tines, Tiny Wires, or Tiny Cones on Wires: Which is Best? Philip R. Kennedy
Development of a Multi-Functional 22-Channel Functional Electrical Stimulator for Paraplegia; Ross Davis, T. Houdayer, T. Johnston, B. Smith, R. Betz, and A. Barriskill
An Implantable Bionic Network of Injectable Neural Prosthetic Devices: The Future Platform for Functional Electrical Stimulation and Sensing to Restore Movement and Sensation; J. Schulman, P. Mobley, J.Wolfe, R. Davis, and I. Arcos
Visual Prostheses; Robert J. Greenberg
Interfering with the Genesis and Propagation of Epileptic Seizures by Neuromodulation; Ana Luisa Velasco, Francisco Velasco, Fiacro Jiménez, and Marcos Velasco
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation of Deep Brain Regions; Yiftach Roth and Abraham Zangen
Biomaterials; Joyce Y. Wong
Metallic Biomaterials; Joon B. Park and Young Kon Kim
Ceramic Biomaterials; W.C. Billotte
Polymeric Biomaterials; Hai Bang Lee, Gilson Khang, and Jin Ho Lee
Composite Biomaterials; Roderic S. Lakes
Biodegradable Polymeric Biomaterials: An Updated Overview; Chih-Chang Chu
Biologic Biomaterials: Tissue-Derived Biomaterials (Collagen); Shu-Tung Li
Soft Tissue Replacements; K.B. Chandran, K.J.L. Burg, and S.W. Shalaby
Hard Tissue Replacements; S-H. Park, A. Llinás, V.K. Goel, and J.C. Keller
Controlling and Assessing Cell–Biomaterial Interactions at the Micro- and Nanoscale: Applications in Tissue Engineering; Jessica Kaufman, Joyce Y.Wong, and Catherine Klapperich
Biomechanics; Donald R. Peterson
Mechanics of Hard Tissue; J. Lawrence Katz
Musculoskeletal Soft Tissue Mechanics; Richard L. Lieber, and Thomas J. Burkholder
Joint-Articulating Surface Motion; Kenton R. Kaufman, and Kai-Nan An
Joint Lubrication; Michael J. Furey
Analysis of Gait; Roy B. Davis, III, Sylvia Õunpuu, and Peter A. DeLuca
Mechanics of Head/Neck; Albert I. King and David C. Viano
Biomechanics of Chest and Abdomen Impact; David C. Viano and Albert I. King
Cardiac Biomechanics; Andrew D. McCulloch
Heart Valve Dynamics; Ajit P. Yoganathan, Jack D. Lemmon, and Jeffrey T. Ellis
Arterial Macrocirculatory Hemodynamics; Baruch B. Lieber
Mechanics of Blood Vessels; Thomas R. Canfield and Philip B. Dobrin
The Venous System; Artin A. Shoukas and Carl F. Rothe
Mechanics, Molecular Transport, and Regulation in the Microcirculation; Aleksander S. Popel and Roland N. Pittman
Mechanics and Deformability of Hematocytes; Richard E.Waugh and Robert M. Hochmuth
Mechanics of Tissue/Lymphatic Transport; GeertW. Schmid-Schönbein and Alan R. Hargens
Modeling in Cellular Biomechanics; Alexander A. Spector and Roger Tran-Son-Tay
Cochlear Mechanics; Charles R. Steele, Gary J. Baker, Jason A. Tolomeo and Deborah E. Zetes-Tolomeo
Vestibular Mechanics; Wallace Grant
Exercise Physiology; Arthur T. Johnson and Cathryn R. Dooly
Factors Affecting Mechanical Work in Humans; Ben F. Hurley and Arthur T. Johnson
Rehabilitation Engineering; Charles J. Robinson
Rehabilitation Engineering, Science, and Technology; Charles J. Robinson
Orthopedic Prosthetics and Orthotics in Rehabilitation; Marilyn Lord and Alan Turner-Smith
Wheeled Mobility: Wheelchairs and Personal Transportation; Rory A. Cooper
Externally Powered and Controlled Orthoses and Prostheses; Dejan B. Popović
Sensory Augmentation and Substitution; Kurt A. Kaczmarek
Augmentative and Alternative Communication; Barry Romich, Gregg Vanderheiden, and Katya Hill
Measurement Tools and Processes in Rehabilitation Engineering; George V. Kondraske
Rehabilitation Engineering Technologies: Principles of Application; Douglas Hobson and Elaine Trefler
Human Performance Engineering; George V. Kondraske
The Elemental Resource Model for Human Performance; George V. Kondraske
Measurement of Neuromuscular Performance Capacities; Susan S. Smith
Measurement of Sensory-Motor Control Performance Capacities: Tracking Tasks; Richard D. Jones
Measurement of Information-Processing Subsystem Performance Capacities; George V. Kondraske and Paul J. Vasta
High-Level Task Analysis: Cognitive Components; Kenneth J. Maxwell
Task Analysis and Decomposition: Physical Components; Sheik N. Imrhan
Human–Computer Interaction Design; Kenneth J. Maxwell
Applications of Human Performance Measurements to Clinical Trials to Determine Therapy Effectiveness and Safety; Pamela J. Hoyes Beehler and Karl Syndulko
Applications of Quantitative Assessment of Human Performance in Occupational Medicine; Mohamad Parianpour
Human Performance Engineering Design and Analysis Tools; Paul J. Vasta and George V. Kondraske
Human Performance Engineering: Challenges and Prospects for the Future; George V. Kondraske
Ethics; Joseph D. Bronzino
Beneficence, Nonmaleficence, and Medical Technology; Joseph D. Bronzino
Ethical Issues Related to Clinical Research; Joseph D. Bronzino Index
CRC Press; Read online
Title: Biomedical Engineering Fundamentals
Author: Joseph D. Bronzino; Donald R. Peterson; Joseph D. Bronzino
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