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Metal Oxides

Chemistry and Applications

Metal Oxides by J.L.G. Fierro
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Molecular Structures of Surface Metal Oxide Species: Nature of Catalytic Active Sites in Mixed Metal Oxides; I.E. Wachs
Nanostructured Supported Metal Oxides; M.S. Wong
Defect Chemistry and Transport in Metal Oxides; A. Thursfield, A. Kruth, J.T.S Irvine, and I.S. Metcalfe
Cation Valence States of Transitional Metal Oxides Analyzed by Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy; Z..L. Wang
Surface Processes and Composition of Metal Oxide Surfaces; B. Pawelec
The Electronic Structure of Metal Oxides; P.M. Woodward, H. Mizoguchi, Y.-I. Kim, and M.W. Stoltzfus
Optical and Magnetic Properties of Metal Oxides; S. Ishihara
Redox Properties of Metal Oxides; B.M. Reddy
The Surface Acidity and Basicity of Solid Oxides and Zeolites; G. Busca
Optical Basicity: A Scale of Acidity/Basicity of Solids and Its Application to Oxidation Catalysis; E. Bordes-Richard and P. Courtine
Investigation of the Nature and Number of Surface Active Sites of Supported and Bulk Metal Oxide Catalysts through Methanol Chemisorption; L.E. Briand
Combinatorial Approaches to Design Complex Metal Oxides; F. Schüth and S.A. Schunk
Propane Selective Oxidation to Propene and Oxygenates on Metal Oxides; E.K. Novakova and J.C. Védrine
Methane Oxidation on Metal Oxides; R.M. Navarro, M.A. Peña, and J.L.G. Fierro
Oxidative Dehydrogenation (ODH) of Alkanes over Metal Oxide Catalysts; G. Deo, M. Cherian, and T.V.M. Rao
Metathesis of Olefins on Metal Oxides; J.L.G. Fierro and J.C. Mol
Applications of Metal Oxides for Volatile Organic Compound Combustion; D.P. Dissanayake
Hydrogenation of Carbon Oxides on Metal Oxides; J.L.G. Fierro
Photocatalysis: Photocatalysis on Titanium Oxide-Based Catalysts; M. Anpo, S. Dohshi, M. Kitano, and Y. Hu
Photocatalytic Activity forWater Decomposition of RuO2-Dispersed p-Block Metal Oxides with d10 Electronic Configuration; Y. Inoue
Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Processes on Metal Oxides; G. Centi and S. Perathoner
Gas Sensors Based on Semiconducting Metal Oxides; A. Gurlo, N. Bârsan, and U. Weimar
Fuel Electrodes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells; S.W. Tao and J.T.S. Irvine
CRC Press; August 2005
808 pages; ISBN 9781420028126
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Title: Metal Oxides
Author: J.L.G. Fierro
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