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Atmosphere-Ocean Interaction

Atmosphere-Ocean Interaction by Eric B. Kraus
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1. Basic Concepts 1.1. Notation 1.2. Conservation Equations 1.3. Turbulence and Turbulent Transport 1.4. Statistical Description of Fluctuating Quantities 1.5. Scaling Techniques and Similarity Relations 2. The State of Matter Near the Interface 2.1. Sea Water 2.2. Moist Air 2.3. The Liquid-Gas Interface 2.4. Bubbles and Spray 2.5. Sea Ice 3. Radiation 3.1. Definitions 3.2. Solar Radiation 3.3. Terrestrial Radiation 3.4. Empirical Formulas for Estimating the Surface Radiation Budget 4. Surface Wind Waves 4.1. Basic Dynamics of Harmonic Waves in Fluids 4.2. Small Amplitude Waves at the Air-Sea Interface 4.3. Second-Order Quantities and Approximations 4.4. Sources and Sinks of Surface Wave Energy 4.5. The Evolution and Parameterization of Surface Wave Spectra 5. Turbulent Transfer Near the Interface 5.1. The Structure of the Interface and Adjacent Layers 5.2. The Effect of Stratification 5.3. Dynamic Interactions Between Wind and Sea Surface 5.4. Transport of Trace Gases Across the Interface 5.5. The Sea Surface Temperature (SST) and the Energy Budget 5.6. Methods to Observe the Fluxes in the Atmospheric Surface Layer 6. The Planetary Boundary Layer 6.1. The Ekman Boundary Layer 6.2. Coherent Structures in the Planetary Boundary Layer 6.3. Parametric Representation of PBL Fluxes and Profiles 6.4. Mixed-Layer Models 7. Atmospherically-Forced Perturbations in the Oceans 7.1. Perturbations of a Shallow, Homogenous Ocean 7.2. The Two-Layer Ocean Model 7.3. Internal Inertio-Gravity Waves 7.4. The Response of the Open Ocean to Moving Cyclonic Storms 7.5. The Effect of Lateral Boundaries on Wind-Forced Perturbations 7.6. Rossby or Planetary Waves 7.7. Equatorial Currents and Perturbations 8. Large-Scale Forcing by Sea Surface Buoyancy Fluxes 8.1. The Predominant Direction and Variability of Air-Sea Interactions 8.2. Deep Convection 8.3. The Tropical Atmosphere 8.4. Some Low-Frequency Ocean-Atmosphere Feedback Processes
Oxford University Press; January 1995
385 pages; ISBN 9780195362084
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Title: Atmosphere-Ocean Interaction
Author: Eric B. Kraus; Joost A. Businger
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