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Wine For Dummies

Wine For Dummies by McCarthy;  Mary Ewing-Mulligan
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Wine enthusiasts and novices, raise your glasses! The #1 wine bookhas been extensively updated! If you’re a connoisseur,Wine For Dummies, Fourth Edition will get you up to speed onwhat’s in and show you how to take your hobby to the nextlevel. If you’re new to the world of wine, it will clue youin on what you’ve been missing and show you how to getstarted. It begins with the basic types of wine, how wines aremade, and more. Then it gets down to specifics:
  • How to handle snooty wine clerks, navigate restaurant winelists, decipher cryptic wine labels, and dislodge stubborncorks
  • How to sniff and taste wine
  • How to store and pour wine and pair it with food
  • Four white wine styles: fresh, unoaked; earthy; aromatic; rich,oaky
  • Four red wine styles: soft, fruity, and relativelylight-bodied; mild-mannered, medium-bodied; spicy; powerful,full-bodied, and tannic
  • What’s happening in the “Old World” of wine,including France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland,Austria, Hungary, and Greece
  • What’s how (and what’s not) in the New World ofWine, including Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, and SouthAfrica
  • U.S. wines from California, Oregon, Washington, and NewYork
  • Bubbling beauties and medieval sweets: champagne, sparklingwines, sherry, port, and other exotic dessert wines

Authors Ed McCarthy, CWE, who is a regular contributor toWine Enthusiast and The Wine Journal and MaryEwing-Mulligan, MW, who owns the International Wine Center inNew York, have co-authored six wine books in the For Dummiesseries. In an easy-to-understand, unpretentious style that’sas refreshing as a glass of Chardonnay on a summer day, theyprovide practical information to help you enjoy wine,including:

  • Real Deal symbols that alert you to good wines that are low inprice compared to other wines of similar type, style, orquality
  • A Vintage Wine Chart with specifics on numerous wines
  • Info on ordering wine from out of state, collecting wine, andmore

Wine For Dummies, Fourth Edition is not just a greatresource and reference, it’s a good read. It’sfull-bodied, yet light…rich, yet crisp…robust, yetrefreshing….

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Title: Wine For Dummies
Author: McCarthy; Mary Ewing-Mulligan
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