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USMLE Road Map: Physiology


USMLE Road Map: Physiology by James Pasley
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1. Cell Physiology

I. Plasma Membrane

II. Ion Channels

III. Cell Signaling

IV. Membrane Potential

V. Structure of Skeletal Muscle

VI. Neuromuscular and Synaptic Transmission

VII. Smooth Muscle

Clinical Problems


2. Cardiovascular Physiology

I. General Principles

II. Hemodynamics

III. Electrophysiology

IV. Cardiac Muscle and Cardiac Output

V. Cardiac Cycle with Pressures and ECG

VI. Regulation of Arterial Pressure

VII. Control Mechanisms and Special Circulations

VIII. Integrative Function

Clinical Problems


3. Respiratory Physiology

I. Lung Volumes and Capacities

II. Muscles of Breathing

III. Lung Compliance

IV. Components of Lung Recoil

V. Airway Resistance

VI. Gas Exchange and Oxygen Transport

VII. Carbon Dioxide Transport

VIII. Respiration Control

IX. Pulmonary Blood Flow

X. Ventilation-Perfusion Differences

XI. Special Environments

Clinical Problems


4. Body Fluids, Renal, and Acid-Base Physiology

I. Body Fluids

II. Kidney Function

III. Renal Anatomy

IV. Renal Blood Flow and Glomerular Filtration

V. Transport Mechanisms of Nephrotic Segments

VI. Regulation of NaCl Excretion

VII. Potassium Regulation

VIII. Renal Handling of Glucose

IX. Urea Regulation

X. Phosphate Regulation

XI. Renal Calcium Regulation

XII. Magnesium Regulation

XIII. Concentrating and Diluting Mechanisms

XIV. Acid-Base Balance

XV. Diagnostic Hints for Acid-Base Disorders

XVI. Selected Acid-Base Disorders

Clinical Problems


5. Gastrointestinal Physiology

6. Endocrine Physiology

7. Neurophysiology

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Title: USMLE Road Map: Physiology
Author: James Pasley
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