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Forensic Science Laboratory Manual and Workbook, Third Edition

Forensic Science Laboratory Manual and Workbook, Third Edition by Thomas Kubic
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Part I.

Experiment 1. Introduction to Scientific Measurement and Experimental Error — Determining the Density of Glass

Experiment 2. Understanding Elements of Identification and Individualization

Experiment 3. Use of the Compound Microscope

Experiment 4. Stereomicroscopes and Firing Pin Impressions (Tool Marks)

Experiment 5. Acquiring and Classifying Inked and Latent Fingerprints

Experiment 6. Identification and Matching of Fingerprints

Experiment 7. Cyanoacrylate "Super Glue" Fuming Technique to Develop Latent Fingerprints

Experiment 8. Crime Scene Investigation: Safeguarding, Searching, Recognition, Documentation, Collection, Packaging, and Preservation of Physical Evidence Found at the Crime Scene

Experiment 9. Trace Evidence Collection and Sorting

Experiment 10. Sample Preparation for Microscopic Examination

Experiment 11. Examination of Human Hair

Experiment 12. Examination of Mammalian Hair

Experiment 13. Measurement with the Microscope

Experiment 14. Examination of Trace Quantities of Synthetic Fibers

Experiment 15. Basics of Photography

Experiment 16. Black-and-White Film Development

Experiment 17. Collection of Footwear Evidence

Experiment 18. Identification and Comparison of Footwear Impressions

Experiment 19. Tool Mark Examination

Experiment 20. Glass Fractures and Direction of Force

Experiment 21. Thin-Layer Chromatography: Separation of Dyes in Ballpoint Inks

Experiment 22. Bloodstain Geometry (Part A)

Experiment 23. Bloodstain Geometry (Part B)

Experiment 24. Forgery Detection

Experiment 25. Soil Examination

Experiment 26. Forensic Odontology 1: Is it a Bite Mark?

Experiment 27. Forensic Odontology 2: Who Made the Questioned Bite Mark?

Experiment 28. Forensic Archeology: Search for Human Habitation and Remains

Experiment 29. Forensic Anthropology 1: Basic Human Osteology

Experiment 30. Forensic Anthropology 2: Examination of Grave Site Bones

Experiment 31. Digital Photography Image Processing

Part II.

Experiment 32. Chromatography 2: Identification of a Single-Component Solvent by Gas Chromatography

Experiment 33. Spectroscopy 1: Methods for the Identification of Materials Based

on Their Absorption of Light of Various Wavelengths and Identification of Polymer Films by FTIR

Experiment 34. Spectroscopy 2: Use of Visible Spectroscopy in Color Determination

Experiment 35. Quantitative Ethyl Alcohol Determination by Gas Chromatography

Experiment 36. Forensic Entomology

Experiment 37. Basic Ballistics

Experiment 38. Basic Ballistics 2

Experiment 39. Crime Scene Drawing with Microsoft Word

Appendix 1. Reference Data for Polymer Films



CRC Press; April 2009
386 pages; ISBN 9781420087215
Read online, or download in secure PDF format
Title: Forensic Science Laboratory Manual and Workbook, Third Edition
Author: Thomas Kubic; Nicholas Petraco
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