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Chemical Warfare Agents

Chemistry, Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Therapeutics, Second Edition

Chemical Warfare Agents by James A. Romano
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Brief History and Use of Chemical Warfare Agents in Warfare and Terrorism; H. Salem, A.L. Ternay Jr., and J.K. Smart
The Chemistry of Chemical Warfare Agents; P. Kikilo, V. Fedorenko, and A.L. Ternay Jr.
Chemical Warfare Agent Threat to Drinking Water; H. Salem, C.E. Whalley, C.H. Wick, T.P. Gargan II, and W.D. Burrows
Health Effects of Low-Level Exposure to Nerve Agents; J.H. McDonough and J.A. Romano Jr.
Toxicokinetics of Nerve Agents; M.J. van der Schans, H.P. Benschop, and C.E. Whalley
Application of Genomic, Proteomic, and Metabolomic Technologies to the Development of Countermeasures Against Chemical Warfare Agents; J.W. Sekowski and J.F. Dillman
Novel Approaches to Medical Protection Against Chemical Warfare Nerve Agents; A. Saxena, C. Luo, N. Chilukuri, D.M. Maxwell, and B.P. Doctor
Nerve Agent Bioscavengers: Progress in Development of a New Mode of Protection Against Organophosphorus Exposure; D.E. Lenz, C.A. Broomfield, D.T. Yeung, P. Masson, D.M. Maxwell, and D.M. Cerasoli
Butyrylcholinesterase and Its Synthetic C-terminal Peptide Confer In Vitro Suppression of Amyloid Fibrils Formation; E. Podoly, S. Diamant, A. Friedler, O. Livnah, and H. Soreq
A Novel Medical Countermeasure for Organophosphorus Intoxication: Connection to Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia; Edna F.R. Pereira, D.R. Burt, Y. Aracava, R.K. Kan, T.A. Hamilton, J.A. Romano Jr., M. Adler, and E.X. Albuquerque
Inhalation Toxicology of Nerve Agents; P.A. Dabisch, S.W. Hulet, R. Kristovich, and R.J. Mioduszewski
Vesicants and Oxidative Stress; M.G. Smith, W. Stone, R.F. Guo, P.A. Ward, S. Mukherjee, S.K. Das, and Z. Suntres
Health Effects of Exposure to Vesicant Agents; C.G. Hurst and W.J. Smith
Cyanides: Toxicology, Clinical Presentation, and Medical Management; B. Ballantyne and H. Salem
Chemicals Used for Riot Control and Personal Protection; H. Salem, B. Ballantyne, and S. Katz
Mechanism of Action of Botulinum Neurotoxin and Overview of Medical Countermeasure Development for Intoxication; M. Adler, G. Oyler, J.P. Apland, S.S. Deshpande, J.D. Nicholson, J. Anderson, C. Millard, and F.J. Lebeda
Ricin and Related Toxins: Review and Perspective; C.B. Millard and R.D. LeClaire
Screening Smokes: Applications, Toxicology, Clinical Considerations, and Medical Management; B. Ballantyne and H. Salem
Clinical Detection of Exposure to Chemical Warfare Agents; B.R. Capacio, J.R. Smith, R.K. Gordon, J.R. Haigh, J. Barr, and B.J. Lukey
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Practical and Theoretical Considerations; M.R. Jones
Chemical Warfare Agent Decontamination from Skin; B.J. Lukey, H.F. Slife Jr., E. Clarkson, C.G. Hurst, and E.H. Braue Jr.
Chemical Warfare, Chemical Terrorism, and Traumatic Stress Responses: An Assessment of Psychological Impact; J.A. Romano Jr., L. Lumley, J.M. King, and G.A. Saviolakis
Emergency Response to a Chemical Warfare Agent Incident: Domestic Preparedness, First Response, and Public Health Considerations; D.H. Moore and B. Saunders-Price
Emergency Medical Response to a Chemical Terrorist Attack; S.A. Pulley and M.R. Jones Index
CRC Press; December 2007
752 pages; ISBN 9781420046625
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Title: Chemical Warfare Agents
Author: James A. Romano; Brian J. Lukey; Harry Salem
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