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Dermatotoxicology by Klaus Peter Wilhelm
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Pharmacogenetics and Dermatology, E.E. Lee and H.I. Maibach
Ethnic Differences in Skin Properties the Objective Data, S. Saggar, N.O. Wesley, M. Moulton-Levy, and H.I. Maibach
Occlusion and Barrier Function, H. Zhai and H.I. Maibach
Anatomical Factors Affecting Barrier Function, N.A. Monteiro-Riviere
Percutaneous Penetration Enhancers: An Overview, H.-Y. Thong, H. Zhai, and H.I. Maibach
Percutaneous Absorption of complex Chemical Mixtures, J.E. Riviere
Percutaneous Absorption: Short-Term Exposure, Lag Time, Multiple Exposure, Model Variations, and Absorption from Clothing, R.C. Wester and H.I. Maibach
Lipids of the Permeability Barrier, P.W. Wertz
Chemical Partitioning Into Powdered Human Stratum Corneum: A Useful In Vitro Model for Studying Interaction of Chemical and Human Skin, X. Hui, R.C. Wester, H. Zhai, A.K. Cashmore, S. Barbadillo, and H.I. Maibach
Sensitive Skin, H. Löffler, C. Weimer, I. Effendy and H.I. Maibach
Transdermal Drug Delivery System, C.Y. Levin and H.I. Maibach
Iontophoresis: From Historical Perspective to Its Place in Modern Medicine, A.N. Anigbogu and H.I. Maibach
Irritant Dermatitis Clinical Heterogeneity and Contributing Factor, S. Weltfriend and H.I. Maibach
Systemic Contact Dermatitis, N.K Veien, T. Menné and H.I. Maibach
Allergic Contact Dermatitis, F.N. Marzulli and H.I. Maibach
Mechanisms of Allergic and Irritant Contact Dermatitis, I. Ale and H.I. Maibach
Occupational Allergic Contact Dermatitis: Rational Work-Up, I.S. Ale and H.I. Maibach
Systemic Toxicity, P. Hewitt and H.I. Maibach
Concepts in Molecular Dermatotoxicology, H.F. Merk, J. Abel, J.M. Baron, and J. Krutmann
Molecular Basis of Allergic Contact Dermatitis, J.-P. Lepoittevin and V Berl
Photoirritation (Phototoxicity, Phototoxic Dermatitis), N. Moulton-Levy and H.I. Maibach
Permeability of the Skin for Metal Compounds, with Focus on Nickel and Copper, J.J. Hostnek
Chemically Induced Scleroderma, G.G. Russo
Chemical Agents that Cause Depigmentation, S. Sohrabian and H.I. Maibach
Carcinogenesis: Current Trends in Skin Cancer Research, K. Auborn
Retinoids and Mechanisms of Their Toxicity, W.J. Cunningham
Mechanisms in Cutaneous Drug Hypersensitivity Reactions, M. Gonçalo and D.P. Bruynzeel
Drug Induced Ocular Phototoxicity, J.E. Roberts
Water: Is It An Irritant? T.-F. Tsai
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, C.H. Lee and H.I. Maibach
Factors Influencing the Applied Amount of Topical Preparations Tanzima Islam, N.V. Matveev and H.I. Maibach
Barrier Creams, H. Zhai and H.I. Maibach
OECD Guidelines for Testing of Chemicals, K.-P. Wilhelm and H.I. Maibach
Methods for In Vitro Percutaneous Absorption, R.L. Bronaugh
Percutaneous Absorption of Hazardous Substances from Soil and Water, R.C. Wester and H.I. Maibach
Pesticide Percutaneous Absorption and Decontamination, D. Zaghi, R.C. Wester and H.I. Maibach
Tape Stripping Method versus Stratum Corneum, M.J. Choi, H. Zhai, J.-H. Kim, and H.I. Maibach
Parameters Influencing Stratum Corneum Removal by Tape Stripping, H. Löffler, C. Weimer, F. Dreher, and H.I. Maibach
Quantification of Stratum Corneum Removed by Tape Stripping, F. Dreher
Isolated Perfused Porcine Skin Flap, J.E. Riviere
Physiologically-Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling, J.N. McDougal
Methods for In Vitro Skin Metabolism Studies, R.L. Bronaugh
Predictive Toxicology Methods for Transdermal Delivery Systems, A. Chester, W.-Q. Lin, M. Prevo, M. Cormier and J. Matriano
Animal, Human, and In Vitro Test Methods for Predicting Skin Irritation, C.Y. Levin and H.I. Maibach
Kawai Method for Testing Irritation, K. Kawai
Analysis of Structural Change in Intercellular Lipids of Human Stratum Corneum Induce by Surfactants: Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) Study, Y. Kawasaki, J.-I. Mizushima, and H.I. Maibach
Water and Saline Compresses in the Treatment of Irritant Contact Dermatitis: A Review of the Literature, C.Y. Levin and H.I. Maibach
Reaction of Skin Blood Vessels to Successive Insults on Normal and Irritated Human Skin, E. Tur and H.I. Maibach
The Specificity of Retinoid-Induced Irritation and Its Role in Clinical Efficacy, J.L. MacGregor and H.I. Maibach
Topical Corticosteroids in the Treatment of Irritant Contact Dermatitis- Do They Work? C.Y. Levin and H.I. Maibach
Tests for Sensitive Skin, A. Pelosi, E. Berardesca, and H.I. Maibach
Test Methods for Allergic Contact Dermatitis in Animals, G. Klecak
Test Methods for Allergic Contact Dermatitis in Humans, F.N. Marzulli and H.I. Maibach
Allergic Contact Dermatitis Elicitation Thresholds of Potent Allergens in Human, E. Jerschow, J.J. Hostnek, and H. I. Maibach
Allergic Contact Dermatitis to Topical Anesthetics: A Cross Sensitization Phenomenon, C.J. Dannaker, E. Austin and H.I. Maibach
Contact Urticaria and Anaphylaxis to Chlorhexidine: Overview, C. Heinemann, R. Sinaiko, and H.I. Maibach
Immunoadjuvants in Prospective Testing for Contact Allergens, H.C. Maguire, Jr.
The Local Lymph Node Assay, I. Kimber, R.J. Dearman, C.J Betts, D.A. Besketter, C.A. Ryan, and G.F. Gerberick
Iontophoresis in Humans: Regional Variations in Skin Barrier Function And Cutaneous Irritation, J. Singh, B. Medi, B. Sage, and H.I. Maibach
Contact Urticaria and the Contact Urticaria Syndrome (Immediate Contact Reactions), S. Amin, A. Lahti, and H.I. Maibach
In Vitro Approaches to the Assessment Skin Irritation and Phototoxicity of Topically Applied Materials, D.A. Basketter
Photoirritation (Phototoxicity) Testing in Humans, H.I. Maibach and F.N. Marzulli
Measuring and Quantifying Ultraviolet Radiation Exposure, D.H. Sliney
Determination of Subclinical Changes of Barrier Function, V. Charbonnier, M. Paye, and H.I. Maibach
Assessing the Validity of Alternative Methods for Toxicity Testing - The Role and Activities of ECVAM, T. Hartung and V. Zuang
Animal Models of Contact Urticaria, A.I. Lauerma and H.I. Maibach
Diagnostic Tests in Dermatology: Patch and Photopatch Testing and Contact Urticaria, S. Amin, A.L. Lauerma and H.I. Maibach
Cosmetic Reactions, B.S. Modjtahedi, J.R. Toro, P. Engasser and H.I. Maibach
Decreasing Allergic Contact Dermatitis Frequency Through Dermatotoxicologic and Epidemiologic Based Intervention? N.O. Wesley and H.I. Maibach
Cutaneous Corticosteroid-Induced Glaucoma, N. Branco, B.C. Branco, J. Mallon, and H.I. Maibach
Evaluating Efficacy of Barrier Creams: In Vitro and In Vivo Models, H. Zhai and H.I. Maibach
Light-induced Dermal Toxicity: Effects on the Cellular and Molecular Levels, A. Kornhauser, W.G. Wamer and L.A. Lambert
Failure of Standard Test Batteries for the Detection of Genotoxic Activity of Some Chemicals Used in Dermatological and Cosmetic products, G. Brambilla and A. Martelli
Exogenous Ochronosis, An Update, C.Y. Levin and H.I. Maibach
Diagnostic Patch Test: The Science and The Art, I.S. Ale and H.I. Maibach
Irritant and Allergic Contact Dermatitis Treatment, H. Zhai, A. Anigbogu, and H.I. Maibach
Factors Affecting Children's Susceptibility to Chemicals, A. Makri, Michelle G. Goveia, and Rebecca Parkin
Utilization of Irritation Data in Local Lymph node Assay, P. Ulrich and H.-W. Vohr
Air Bag Injuries, M. Corazza, M. Rosaria Zampino, and A. Virgili
Cigarette Smoking and Skin, Y.H. Leow
Chemical Analysis of Tattoo Pigments Cleaved by Laser Light, R. Vasold
Dermatotoxicology of Specialized Epithelia: Adapting Cutaneous Test Methods to Assess Topical Effects on the Vulva, M.A. Farage and H.I Maibach
Anti-Irritant: Myth or Reality? An Overview, C. Ford and H.I. Maibach
Evaluating Mechanical and Chemical Irritation Using the Behind-the-Knee Test: A Review, M.A. Farage
The Need for More Sensitive Tools as We Reach the Limits of Our Ability to Detect Differences in Skin Effects from Mild Products, M.A. Farage
Drug patch Testing in Systemic Cutaneous Drug Allergy, A. Barbaud
Medical Device Regulation: An Introduction for the Practicing Physician, W.H. Maisel
Diagnosis of Drug Hypersensitivity In Vitro, H. Merk and D.H. Obrigkeit
Immunologic Patterns in Allergic and Irritant Contact Dermatitis: Similarities, E. Dika, N. Branco, and Howard I. Maibach
Water Decontamination of Chemical Skin/Eye Splashes: A Critical Review, A.H. Hall and H.I. Maibach,
Chemical Substances and Contact Allergy - 244 Substances According to Allergic Potency, E. Schlede, W. Aberer, T. Fuchs, I. Gerner, H. Lessmann T. Maurer, R. Rossbacher, G. Stropp, E. Wagner, and D. Kayser
The Use of the Modified Forearm Controlled Application Test to Evaluate Skin Irritation of Lotion Formulations, M. Farage
Hair in Toxicology, K.-i. O'gosh,
Popliteal Lymph Node Assay, G. Ravel and J. Descotes
Pigmentation Changes as a Result of Arsenic Exposure, N. Matveev and M.y Kile
Textiles and Human Skin, Microclimate, Cutaneous Reactions: An Overview, W. Zhong, M.M.Q. Xing, N. Pan, and H.I. Maibach
In Vivo Human Transfer of Topical Bioactive Drug between Individuals: Estradiol, R.C. Wester, X. Hui, and H.I. Maibach
Is There Evidence that Geraniol Causes Allergic Contact Dermatitis? J.J. Hostnek and H.I. Maibach
Operational Definition of a Causative Contact Allergen - A Study with Six Fragrance Allergens, J.J. Hostnek and H.I. Maibach
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate-Induced Irritation in the Human Face: Regional and Age-Related Differences, S. Marrakchi and H.I. Maibach
Ten Genotypes of Irritant Contact Dermatitis, A.-L. Chew and H.I. Maibach
In vitro Skin Irritation Testing on SkinEthic™ Reconstituted Human Epidermis: Reproducibility for 50 Chemicals Tested with Two Protocols, C. Tornier, M. Rosdy, and H.I. Maibach
Identifying the source of textile-dye allergic contact dermatitis - A guideline, K.L. Hatch, H. Motschi, and H.I. Maibach
Functional Map and Age Related Differences in the Human Face: Nonimmunologic Contact Urticaria Induced by Hexyl Nicotinate, S. Marrakchi and H.I. Maibach
Is Contact Allergy in Man Life Long? An Overview of Patch Test Follow-Ups, E. Lee and H.I. Maibach
Irritants in Combination with a Synergistic or Additive Effect on the Skin Response: An Overview of Tandem Irritation Studies, F. Kartono and H.I. Maibach
Allergic Contact Dermatitis from Iodine Preparations: A Conundrum? S.K. Lee, H. Zhai, and H.I. Maibach
Human Skin Buffering Capacity: An Overview, J. Levin, F. Dreher, and H.I. Maibach
CRC Press; Read online
Title: Dermatotoxicology
Author: Klaus Peter Wilhelm; Hongbo Zhai; Howard I. Maibach
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