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Applied Agrometeorology

Applied Agrometeorology by Kees Stigter
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The contents of this book are meant to assist applied agricultural scientists in learning from case studies and other background material how to apply agr- eteorology better to solve problems in the livelihood of farmers and other ag- cultural producers. It also wants to create a renaissance in the teaching (that is education/training/extension)ofappliedagrometeorologyatalllevels,closertothe livelihoodoffarmersandotheragriculturalproducers. Agrometeorologicalservicesarethereforetheultimatefocusofthisbookand appliedagrometeorologyisshownintheserviceoffarmers,forestandagroforestry relatedpractitioners,andotherstakeholdersinusinganagriculturalenvironmentto getenoughandbetterfood,fodder,?breandothernaturalproducts. Early in the course of 40 years of international research, teaching and c- sultancy, particularly in the non-industrialized world, and more than 20 years of electedinternationalleadership(WMO,INSAM)inagrometeorology,Ihadbecome fullyconvincedthatappliedagrometeorologyshouldactuallybedealtwithalong differentlines. A WMO educational meeting in New Delhi early in 2007 (see Part I of this book) gave me the opportunity to test some of my ideas with some also invited colleagues from various parts of the world that would advise on new curricula inagrometeorology.Theyagreedwithmyproposaltoabandontheentrytowards AppliedAgrometeorologythroughBasicAgrometeorologyandto?ndentriesforit ofitsown. Oncewehadagreedonthisbasicdichotomy,thatmeetingdesignedandapproved “StrategicUseofClimateInformation”,“CopingwithClimateVariabilityandC- mateChange”,“CopingwithExtremeMeteorologicalEvents”,“TacticalDecision MakingBasedonWeatherInformation”and“DevelopingRiskManagementStra- gies”asthepresentmainentrypathstoAppliedAgrometeorology. On my way back from New Delhi to Indonesia, waiting for new visa in Singapore,I?nalizedamongotherscurriculacontentsundertheseheadingsinthe form of postgraduate syllabi in an earlier agreed format. I made use of my own earlier ideas and they were later on generally approved by the other New Delhi participants in e-mail contacts. I have to note that I do not like the terminology of“riskmanagement”forsmallfarmers,thatgenerallytryhardtocopewiththeir environmentaldif?cultiesmorethanthattheymanagethem.Thesesyllabiaregiven vii viii Preface in their original form in Annex I.I of Part I of this book. This shows that much historicalmaterialneededfornewpolicieswouldalsobecollectedinwritingthese syllabi.ThisisparticularlyalsofullyinlinewiththeSect.II.Don“Communication approachesinappliedagrometeorology”.
Springer Berlin Heidelberg; June 2010
1040 pages; ISBN 9783540746980
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Title: Applied Agrometeorology
Author: Kees Stigter
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