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Everything for a Dog

Everything for a Dog by Ann M. Martin
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Discussion Questions and Activities
1. Henry, Bone, and Charlie have very
different stories, but they also share
something in common. How are they
similar when it comes to their dreams
and hopes? How are they different?
2. Bone experiences life in small towns
and in the woods. Which do you think
he prefers and why?
3. Early on in the novel, we learn that
"Charlie wishes he could be anywhere
other than at the graduation of his
dead brother" where he must accept
his diploma. Why do you think this is?
Can you find another example in
the story where Charlie is asked to
replace his brother? How does this
make him feel?
4. How does Charlie respond to EJ's
death? What helps him?
5. If you were in Charlie's place, would
you want to get another dog after
Sunny's accident? Why or why not?
6. Henry tries to prove that he is ready
to own a dog, but feels his plan is a
failure. Do you agree with him?
7. What does Bone learn about human
beings during his many adventures?
8. Why does Bone run away from
Franklin's empty apartment? Do you
think this was a good decision?
9. Survival is an important theme in
Everything for a Dog. How does it
factor into the stories of Henry, Bone,
and Charlie? What does each of them need to do in order to survive his
10. What does "home" mean to
Charlie, Bone, and Henry? How
are their definitions different and
how are they the same?
11. What did you learn about the life
of a stray dog from this story?
Did it surprise you in any way?
12. Early in the novel, Henry makes
a Christmas list in which he
wishes for a dog and "everything
for a dog." Imagine that you are
Henry and make a list of ten
reasons why you should have a
dog. Be sure to write the list
from Henry's point of view!
13. Write a diary from the point
of view of Bone. Describe his
experiences from the time he
runs away from Franklin's empty
apartment until he meets Henry.
14. Research quotes from well-known
people (authors, sports figures,
celebrities, humanitarians,
and world leaders) about the
importance of treating animals
with compassion and respect.
Create a poster, webpage,
scrapbook, or photo essay
combining these quotes with
photographs and other visual
15. Create a "bill of rights" for
abandoned animals. Send it to
your local elected official or
animal shelter.

Feiwel & Friends; September 2009
224 pages; ISBN 9781429927048
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Title: Everything for a Dog
Author: Ann M. Martin
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