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Disorganized Attachment and Caregiving

Disorganized Attachment and Caregiving by Judith Solomon
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I. Core Questions: Etiology, Continuity, and Developmental Transformation
1. The Disorganized Attachment–Caregiving System: Dysregulation of Adaptive Processes at Multiple Levels, Judith Solomon and Carol George
2. Disorganization of Maternal Caregiving across Two Generations: The Origins of Caregiving Helplessness, Judith Solomon and Carol George
3. Understanding Disorganized Attachment at Preschool and School Age: Examining Divergent Pathways of Disorganized and Controlling Children, Ellen Moss, Jean-François Bureau, Diane St-Laurent, and George M. Tarabulsy
4. Continuity and Change in Unresolved Classifications of Adult Attachment Interviews with Low-Income Mothers, Susan Spieker, Elizabeth M. Nelson, Michelle DeKlyen, Sandra N. Jolley, and Lisa Mennet
5. Genetic and Environmental Determinants of Attachment Disorganization, Gottfried Spangler
II. New Directions
6. Caregiving Helplessness: The Development of a Screening Measure for Disorganized Maternal Caregiving, Carol George and Judith Solomon
7. Pathways from Disorganized Attachment to Later Social–Emotional Problems: The Role of Gender and Parent–Child Interaction Patterns, Nancy L. Hazen, Deborah Jacobvitz, Kristina N. Higgins, Sydnye Allen, and Mi Kyoung Jin
8. Disorganized Attachment Behavior Observed in Adolescence: Validation in Relation to Adult Attachment Interview Classifications at Age 25, Katherine H. Hennighausen, Jean-François Bureau, Daryn H. David, Bjarne M. Holmes, and Karlen Lyons-Ruth
9. Maternal Solicitousness and Attachment Disorganization among Toddlers with a Congenital Anomaly, Douglas Barnett, Melissa Kaplan-Estrin, Julie Braciszewski, Lesley Hetterscheidt, Jaclyn Issner, and Christine M. Butler
III. Clinical Applications
10. Viewing Young Foster Children’s Responses to Visits through the Lens of Maternal Containment: Implications for Attachment Disorganization, Teresa Ostler and Wendy Haight
11. An Exploratory Investigation of the Relationships among Representational Security, Disorganization, and Behavior Ratings in Maltreated Children, Linda Webster and Rachelle Kisst Hackett
12. The Circle of Security Intervention: Using the Therapeutic Relationship to Ameliorate Attachment Security in Disorganized Dyads, Caroline A. Zanetti, Bert Powell, Glen Cooper, and Kent Hoffman
13. Attachment Disorganization in Borderline Personality Disorder and Anxiety Disorder, Anna Buchheim and Carol George
14. Attachment Disorganization and the Clinical Dialogue: Theme and Variations, Giovanni Liotti

Guilford Publications; Read online
Title: Disorganized Attachment and Caregiving
Author: Judith Solomon; Carol George
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