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Network Challenge (Chapter 24)

The: Telecommunications: Network Strategies for Network Industries?

Network Challenge (Chapter 24) by Kevin Werbach
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Telecommunications is a networked business, yet it traditionally has resisted a network-based view in its strategies and business models. In this chapter, Kevin Werbach explores this paradox, contrasting the worldview of Monists such as AT&T, who see the infrastructure as inseparable from the network, and Dualists such as Google, who see the network and its applications as distinct from the underlying infrastructure. Not surprisingly, AT&T is a proponent of “tiered access” whereas Google argues for “network neutrality.” Finally, Werbach examines how a more modular future might bridge the gap between those who seek to own and capitalize on the network and those who seek to expand it through more neutral offerings.

Pearson Education;
Title: Network Challenge (Chapter 24)
Author: Kevin Werbach
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