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This Book Made Me Do It

This Book Made Me Do It
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Knowledge comes in all shapes and sizes, and This Book Made Me Do It celebrates it in all its vastness and variety. The reader will learn not only how to make a barometer, but why barometers matter, and how to use them to forecast weather. Readers will be provided with clear step-by-step instructions on everything from hacking their gadgets and toys, to making clouds in bottles, and creating music from the most surprising of everyday objects. There is something here for the hobbyist, the amateur, or just the fantastically curious. Because of the range of activities in this book, it will appeal not only to children but to the whole family. The educational value of How To Do Everything is well hidden behind its simple approach. Practical applications of reference subjects from physics and chemistry to natural history and the arts will lure even the most reluctant learner to discover amazing things about the world around them. There is much discussion today on the need for children to learn how to think, how to create, and how to work not only independently, but in groups. This lively and engaging book through its clarity, levity, and well-researched information will keep readers of all ages busy learning, making, creating, hacking, thinking, and doing for a very long time. How To Do Everything is divided into six sections: Making, Doing, Thinking, Exploring, Playing, and Hacking. Each section will be colour-coded and there will be a cross-referencing device which will enable the reader to go from one activity to another in an informed yet organic way. Each section will have a gallery spread to alter the pace and to give the reader extra information on subjects ranging from butterflies to knots. CHAPTER 1 - AMAZE YOUR FRIENDS Juggle like a pro Cool string games and rope tricks Mind-boggling magic Math genius - baffling number tricks (super-fast addition, guessing the number, fun with a calculator) Create shadow puppets Make sound effects How to make a whistle and other homemade musical instruments Learn some basic piano chords and to play a tune Basic guitar chords to start you strumming Pick up some moves to impress on the dance floor Moonwalk like Michael Jackson Have fun with astrology Fortune-telling and palm-reading Amazing and impossible optical illusions Find your blind spot Mind over body - body illusions that reveal how the body doesn't always do what it's told International communicator - how to greet people all over the world, CHAPTER 2 - FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD Speedy snacks - six delicious and healthy things to make when your tummy's rumbling Four mouth-watering ways to stack a burger Make a club sandwich and other classic fillings Choose your pasta - a gallery of pasta shapes plus some simple sauces Top a pizza - how to make the dough and six different ways to finish it off How make and flip a pancake, plus sweet and savory ways to fill it Cookies that melt in your mouth - no need to say more... All about eggs - boiled, fried, poached, scrambled, or make a tasty omelette Bake a special cake - a stunning cake to make for a celebration Sweet treats - chocolates, fudge, and other things to make for gifts or just because you're greedy Delicious drinks - the ultimate hot chocolate, whip up a smoothie, and cocktails for kids Eating techniques - how to use chopsticks, eat spaghetti, and avoid other international food faux pas Grow your own food - yummy things to grow with or without a garden CHAPTER 3 - GET CREATIVE Fun with paper - incredible airplanes, neat boxes, and boomerangs Origami - four works of art made simply by folding paper Papier mache projects, from piƱatas to masks Weave a friendship bracelet Basic knitting stitches and instructions for making a groovy scarf and a mobile phone sockie Tie-die a groovy T-shirt Die using batik techniques Balloon twisting - how to survive making balloon dogs, swords, swans Carve a ghoulish Halloween pumpkin Egg-citing designs for Easter gifts Printing projects using , potato print or similar Make and use a quill pen, and Weave a colorful basket from magazines and other cool recycling makes Make and fly a kite Three ways to launch a rocket, using water, air, and elastic bands Clever photography - techniques for hilarious photo tricks Let there be light - make a tic-tac torch Fun things to make with LEDs CHAPTER 4 - EXPLORE THE WORLD Set up an aquarium/terrarium Watch tadpoles become frogs Hatch butterflies from caterpillars in the kitchen Catch a bug/spider (indoors) Attract moths with socks (?) or build a moth "trap" Build a compost heap - mainly for recycling but also wildlife Set up a wormery Set up an ant farm Put up a bird feeding station Make a hummingbird feeder Put up a bat roosting box Put up a bird nesting box Grow a pip or three Re-pot a plant Plant a tree (bare-root; containerized) Pan for gold Try water divining Hunt for fossils (and meteorites) Make brilliant bubbles Make a windsock or weathervane Make a rain gauge Monitor storms - and work out how far away they are Do some cloud spotting - cloud gallery Work out your carbon footprint - and how you can reduce it Grow glittering crystals Try the Mentos and coke trick Make a miniature "volcano" Make a battery from a lemon/potato Make a microscope from a water drop Make a simple water clock Make an electromagnet Make a hot-air balloon Look at the Moon Check out some planets Track the International Space Station and other satellites Make an eclipse viewer CHAPTER 5 - SURVIVE IN THE WILD Avoid getting lost - make a sun compass, a magnetic compass and learn to navigate using a watch Navigate by the Sun and the stars Find the North Star and the Southern Cross in the night sky Use a compass to fix your position on a map Navigate on water using landmarks Survive in bear country Wrestle an alligator Fend off a shark Distract wasps; repel mosquitoes etc Bee/wasp sting; mosquito bite Deal with a snake bite Get out of a quicksand Use your trousers to stay afloat Cross a swamp Build a raft Survive an avalanche, climb out of an ice hole, dig a snow cave and treat hypothermia. Brrr! How to make a cozy igloo Make simple shelters - wherever you find yourself How to put up and get in a hammock (and stay there) How to drink from a cactus Finding water in the desert Basic first aid - treating burns, cuts, sunstroke, etc. Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation Fish for dinner? Techniques for catching a fish with a hook and bait, trolling for mackerel and tickling trout How to light a campfire and then cook on it Tying useful knots How to use a lasso How to explore and leave no trace Imitate an owl call, a mouse squeak, and other animal noises CHAPTER 6 - GET SPORTY How to warm-up and keep fit - basic exercises, how to do them and why Tricks with balls Throwing techniques, and how to bowl baseball and spin-bowl a cricket ball Deliver a killer tennis serve How to slam dunk Spin a basketball on your finger Four impressive football skills Score a soccer penalty every time Throw an accurate frisbee Skim a stone on water Walk the dog with a yo-yo Do an Ollie and other skateboard tricks Brush up your bike and fix a puncture BMX bike tricks (BMX) How to swim and dive without a splash Snorkeling Life-saving How to surf - the basic techniques Sailing a boat - and making your way back How to row a boat and paddle a canoe Climb up a mountain using ropes...and abseil down How to snowboard How to Ice-skate Indoor games - how to win at arm-wrestling and thumb-wrestling How to play marbles and jacks Classic board games - basic rules of chess, draughts, and backgammon Classic card ga
DK Publishing; September 2010
194 pages; ISBN 9780756676407
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