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Why Boys Fail

Saving Our Sons from an Educational System That's Leaving Them Behind

Why Boys Fail by Richard WHITMIRE
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The signs and statistics are undeniable: boys are falling behind in school. Contrary to conventional wisdom, the biggest culprits are not video games, pop culture, or female-dominated schools biased toward girls. The real problem is that boys have been thrust into a bewildering new school environment that demands high-level reading and writing skills long before they are capable of handling them. Lacking the ability to compete, boys fall farther and farther behind. Eventually, the problem gets pushed into college, where close to 60% of the graduates are women. In a time when even cops, construction foremen, and machine operators need post-high school degrees, thatÆs a problem. Why Boys Fail takes a hard look at how this ominous reality came to be, how it has worsened in recent years, and why attempts to resolve it often devolve into finger-pointing and polarizing politics. But the book also shares some good news. Amidst the alarming proof of failure among boysùaround the worldùthere are also inspiring case studies of schools where something is going right. Each has come up with realistic ways to make sure that every studentùmale and femaleùhas the tools to succeed in school and later in life. Educators and parents alike will take heart in these promising developments, and heed the bookÆs call to actionùnot only to demand solutions but also to help create them for their own students and children.
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Title: Why Boys Fail
Author: Richard WHITMIRE
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