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Review of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, Tenth Edition

Review of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, Tenth Edition by Warren Levinson
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How to Use This Book

I: Basic Bacteriology

1. Bacteria Compared With Other Organisms

2. Structure of Bacteria Cells

3. Growth

4. Genetics

5. Classification of Medically Important Bacteria

6. Normal Flora

7. Pathogenesis

8. Host Defenses

9. Laboratory Diagnosis

10. Antimicrobial Drugs: Mechanism of Action

11. Antimicrobial Drugs: Resistance

12. Bacterial Vaccines

13. Sterilization & Disinfection

II: Clinical Bacteriology

14. Overview of the Major Pathogens & Introduction to Anaerobic Bacteria

15. Gram-Positive Cocci

16. Gram-Negative Cocci

17. Gram-Positive Rods

18. Gram-Negative Rods Related to the Enteric Tract

19. Gram-Negative Rods Related to the Respiratory Tract

20. Gram-Negative Rods Related to Animal Sources (Zoonotic Organisms)

21. Mycobacteria

22. Actinomycetes

23. Mycoplasmas

24. Spirochetes

25. Chlamydiae

26. Rickettsiae

27. Minor Bacterial Pathogens

III: Basic Virology

28. Structure

29. Replication

30. Genetics & Gene Therapy

31. Classification of Medically Important Viruses

32. Pathogenesis

33. Host Defenses

34. Laboratory Diagnosis

35. Antiviral Drugs

36. Viral Vaccines

PART IV: Clinical Virology

37. DNA Enveloped Viruses

38. DNA Nonenveloped Viruses

39. RNA Enveloped Viruses

40. RNA Nonenveloped Viruses

41. Hepatitis Viruses

42. Arboviruses

43. Tumor Viruses

44. Slow Virus & Prions

45. Human Immunodeficiency Virus

46. Minor Viral Pathogens

V: Mycology

47. Basic Mycology

48. Cutaneous & Subcutaneous Mycoses

49. Systemic Mycoses

50. Opportunistic Mycoses

VI: Parasitology

51. Intestinal & Urogenital Protozoa

52. Blood & Tissue Protozoa

53. Minor Protozoan Pathogens

54. Cestodes

55. Trematodes

56. Nematodes

VII: Immunology

57. Immunity

58. Cellular Basis of the Immune Response

59. Antibodies

60. Humoral Immunity

61. Cell-Mediated Immunity

62. Major Histocompatibility Complex & Transportation

63. Complement

64. Antigen-Antobody Reactions in the Laboratory

65. Hypersensitivity (Allergy)

66. Tolerance & Autoimmune Disease

67. Tumor Immunity

68. Immunodeficiency

69. Ectoparasites That Cause Human Disease

VIII: Brief Summaries of Medically Important Organisms

Summaries of Medically Important Bacteria

Summaries of Medically Important Viruses

Summaries of Medically Important Fungi

Summaries of Medically Important Parasites

IX: Clinical Cases

X: Pearls for the USMLE

XI: USMLE (National Board) Practice Questions

Basic Bacteriology

Clinical Bacteriology

Basic Virology

Clinical Virology




Extended Matching Questions

Clinical Case Questions

XII: USMLE (National Board) Practice Examination


McGraw-Hill Education; June 2008
684 pages; ISBN 9780071643054
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Title: Review of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, Tenth Edition
Author: Warren Levinson
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