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HDR Photography Photo Workshop

HDR Photography Photo Workshop by Peter Carr
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Learn the intricacies of High Dynamic Range photography fromexperts and get feedback on your work

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography offers a new range ofcreative possibilities to the photographer who is skilled in thetechnique. HDR requires specific camera skills as well as the useof specialized software, and the photographers who wrote this bookare experts in both. They explain the process of shooting the samesubject at different exposures, combining those shots into a singleHDR image, fine-tuning brightness and contrast, minimizing noise,layering images, and more, including creative techniques withPhotoshop and Lightroom.

You can submit your HDR images for feedback

  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography offers creativepossibilities through specific camera and software techniques thatproduce highly detailed and imaginative images
  • Two professional photographers team up to provide expertinstruction in HDR camera and software techniques for those new toHDR
  • Covers the latest software and concepts, a comprehensiveexploration of HDR basics, various techniques for shooting andmerging images, and creative tricks with Photoshop andLightroom
  • Lavishly illustrated with new examples and full of suggestionsfor developing a personal HDR style
  • Students can upload their own images for feedback

Any photographer who is new to HDR will find this guide loadedwith helpful instructions and encouraging advice.

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Title: HDR Photography Photo Workshop
Author: Peter Carr; Robert Correll
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