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Celestial Navigation

Celestial Navigation by Tom Cunliffe
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Guiding a craft using one of the oldest of the mariner's

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As romantic–sounding as sailing to Tahiti did centuriesago, using the sun, moon, planets, and stars to guide one's boat onthe seas is enjoying a comeback. For those who do not wish to becaught short when modern technology fails on board, knowing how tochart a path with the aid of a sextant is an essential navigatingskill. In Celestial Navigation, veteran yachtsman, TomCunliffe, reveals how any boat owner can master this seafaringtechnique, without complex mathematics, using his simplifiedapproach. Readers begin with a sound foundation of basic conceptsand definitions, before moving on to the hardware-the sextant andhow to use it. Within a few pages, you'll be working out yourlatitude from a noon sight, and learning how to plot a positionfrom observing the sun, planets, moon or stars-or wherever you maybe on the world's oceans.

  • Helps readers prepare for the RYA Yachtsmaster Ocean Exam,which includes celestial navigation as a requirement
  • Includes clear diagrams and worked examples to help guide thenovice navigator
  • New edition has downloadable material, a new chapter onelectronic navigation as well as the bonus feature of online videodemonstrations

Whether setting out to sea on a short or long journey,Celestial Navigation is an essential guide to using the sun,moon, planets, and stars as your guideposts home.

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Title: Celestial Navigation
Author: Tom Cunliffe
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