The Six Secrets of Successful Weight Loss

by John Mansfield,

The Six Secrets of Successful Weight Loss
Have you ever, unsuccessfully, tried low-calorie dieting? There are very good reasons why it doesn't work, but somehow they remain a secret... After more than 35 years of clinical practice and helping many hundreds of patients to live at their ideal weight, Dr John Mansfield shares his unique approach: weight gain is a condition that has specific causes that can be identified and tackled, and which will be individual to YOU. Discover: Why there is no one-size-fits-all diet that works long term; How low-calorie and low-fat dieting CONTRIBUTE to weight gain; How refined carbohydrates result in 'hyperinsulinaemia' and weight problems; How gut yeasts can make matters worse; How to tell if your thyroid is also part of the problem; Most importantly, the significance of individual food sensitivities - how to identify and tackle what is specific to YOU
  • Hammersmith Books Limited; October 2012
  • ISBN 9781781610091
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  • Title: The Six Secrets of Successful Weight Loss
  • Author: John Mansfield; Shideh Pouria
  • Imprint: Hammersmith Health Books