Life on the Edge

The True Story of the Hero Who Saved the Lives of Twenty-Nine People at Beachy Head


In 2004, Maggie Lane fell to her death from the cliffs at Beachy Head. While trying to come to terms with this tragic event, her husband, Keith, sought solace by going back to the spot from which she had jumped. It was then that he saw a woman about to throw herself over the edge; Keith managed to persuade her not to do it. From this point on, Keith made it his mission to patrol the area in the hope of saving more lives.The name Beachy Head is synonymous with the final, devastating act of suicide. For nearly four years, Keith dedicated his life to helping those who felt that they had reached the point of no return. Dedicated and determined, he would be on his watch come rain or shine, whatever the circumstances—nothing fazed this remarkable man. Sometimes it could take up to four hours to persuade a person to come away from the cliffs; on one extraordinary occasion, Keith had to climb down to a woman who had slipped 15 feet below the cliff's edge, having changed her mind about taking her life—he went to her and together they inched their way back to safety. In total, Keith has prevented a remarkable 29 people from going over the edge. In this dramatic and heart-rending book, Keith tells of his own personal despair at the loss of Maggie and how, in his darkest hour, his only wish was to join her in ending his own life; he tells of how his own existence was given meaning once more when he realized that he could help those in desperate need; he recalls with clarity and emotion those he has assisted and he tells of finding love and hope in the form of new wife Val. Keith also divulges how, reluctantly, due to local disputes and unwarranted criticism of his work, he has been forced to give up his vigil. This is the inspiring and, ultimately, uplifting story of a man who has been to hell and back. Rather than giving in to despair, he has turned his life, and the lives of many others, around. Keith is a man who understands the value of human life and has truly earned the nickname bestowed upon him, The Angel of Beachy Head.
  • John Blake; June 2010
  • ISBN 9781782191957
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  • Title: Life on the Edge
  • Author: Keith Lane
  • Imprint: John Blake