Reimagining Discipleship

Loving the local community


Reimagining Discipleship: Loving the local community
Following an encounter with an African bishop - who believed all who lived in his diocese (and not only congregations and clergy) should be loved and cared for - Robert Cotton became convinced that Christian disciples in this country need to be assured that they have something vital to communicate to the well-being of their local communities. We are all, to some extent, 'vicars' - vicarious disciples who cannot help but influence those around us. Indeed, it may be beneficial to think of ourselves as public actors for the faith, housed in a theatre of meaning, the Church, and putting on a divine play for which there is an eager audience. The audience may consist of people of other faiths or none: the author encourages us to have confidence in a theology that does not limit salvation to those inside the Church; he believes that we can come close to the presence of God in active engagement with people of goodwill. And, of course, as Christians it behoves us to respond to others' agendas and concerns with generosity and grace. This gentle, beautifully written volume packs quite a punch. Taken seriously, it will revitalize our personal and corporate vision of Christian living as, inspired by the Holy Spirit, we seek to bring light and joy to the cities, towns and villages in which we live.
  • SPCK; October 2012
  • ISBN 9780281067206
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  • Title: Reimagining Discipleship
  • Author: Robert Cotton
  • Imprint: SPCK