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The Vision

The Vision by Jason Lawson
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The grey area between life and death is a place few people get to visit and return from. Henry Peters, a Native American widower and chronic pain sufferer does just that when a crooked scientist, Dr. Sterling who is in trouble with a loan shark, tricks him into testing an unapproved drug for chronic pain. During the drug trial he dreams that he's gone back in time and finds his deceased wife living in a native village.

Once Henry awakens and is cured of his pain he begins to hallucinate, seeing his dead wife everywhere. Out of desperation he breaks into the lab and steals more of the medicine. Meanwhile, Dr. Sterling has given the loan shark a stake in his company for repayment of his debt. When he discovers that Henry is ill and on the rampage with more medicine, he has no choice but to kill him before the police find him or the loan shark finds out the medicine doesn't work and tries to kill the good doctor. Suddenly, many lives are in the grey area...

SynergEbooks; October 2012
108 pages; ISBN 9780744320398
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Title: The Vision
Author: Jason Lawson

Eddie sighed and gently tugged on Henry’s arm. “Henry, it’s time to wake up.”

Henry moved his legs and grunted.

“Come on, Henry. Get up. It’s time to start your new life.”

Henry moaned again and tried to turn on his side.

“This is taking too long,” Sterling snarled. He got right up close to the patient. “Henry! Get up! Time’s a wasting!”

Henry opened his eyes and screamed at the top of his lungs in Migmaw, “The Chief is dead! The chief is dead!”

He sat up and tried to jump off of the bed. Eddie grabbed him by the arm and they both fell on the floor. Henry kicked, thrashed and never stopped yelling, “They shot him! They shot him! Sitting Bear is dead!”

“What is that gibberish he’s saying!?” Sterling hollered as he grabbed Henry’s legs and tried to stop him from kicking.

“I don’t know! Get me a tranquilizer!” Eddie yelled.

“Not yet! We need him to be coherent!”

Henry’s feet got tangled up in some electrical cords. The computer tower and screen fell off of the desk. Glass flew and cascaded in all directions as it smashed on the tile floor.

“Coherent?” Eddie yelled. “He’s out of his mind!”

Eddie wrapped his arms around Henry and pulled him as tight as he could. “Henry! Henry! Calm down! Breathe! It’s me, Eddie!”

“It’s my fault!” Henry continued to holler in his native tongue. “I should’ve told them I spoke English! The chief is dead! Young Eagle, do something!”

Eddie got right in his face. “Look at me! Henry, it’s me, Eddie. Don’t you remember me?!”

Henry stared at him and stopped yelling.

“That’s good. Now breathe slowly. Get a hold of yourself.”

Henry inhaled deeply several times. He stopped kicking and fighting.

Sterling moaned and relaxed his grip on his legs.

“Where am I?” Henry asked in English.

“At the lab. We were treating you for chronic pain. Don’t you remember?”

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