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Atlantean Echoes

Atlantean Echoes by Paula Bates
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In the aftermath of the fall of Atlantis, High Priestess Tameri and High Priest Kahotep make their way to Khem (ancient Egypt) and reestablish their homeland and religious rituals in the midst of an alien culture.

The pain and anguish caused by the loss of their homeland, along with their lovers and friends, greatly effects their lives as they set about displaying to the Khemtian people the incontestable power of Atlanteans couched in their benevolence. They work to establish Atlantean rituals and belief systems in their new country, becoming the accepted and beloved rulers of their new land.

SynergEbooks; November 2012
127 pages; ISBN 9780744319651
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Title: Atlantean Echoes
Author: Paula Bates

The women in the dance troupe numbered thirteen, the number of the Moon, balancing the energy of the sun. They circled in front of the High Priest and High Priestess to the lively music of flutes, various percussion instruments, and a type of lute held on the musician’s lap. Each woman’s naked body was painted in gold over the entirety of their bodies, depicting goddesses and other deities that incorporated each of their body parts. Their faces, hands, and feet were bereft of the gold paint; nails and faces were painted in the usual makeup and dye. The women twirled, flipped, and spun to the beat of the music. As they danced, their intricate gyrations brought life into the painted deities, giving the illusion of their movement. The crowd willingly participated, stomping, whistling and clapping their hands. The music ended; the guests cheered. The dancers bowed and sauntered out of the performance area.

Unexpectedly, a silence enveloped the room. As if pulled by a magnetic force, all eyes turned toward the balcony. Upon the veranda overhanging the dining room seven figures cloaked in flowing silver robes had materialized, seemingly out of nowhere.

“It is the Great Ones!” Sheriti whispered.

Tameri discreetly examined the new arrivals; she immediately noticed their enlarged craniums and that they seemed to be hovering a few inches above the floor. She squinted and discerned a glow of violet and gold light surrounding them.

They looked benevolently down upon the crowd, nodding their acknowledgement toward Tameri’s and Kahotep’s table.

Tameri felt very light-headed. She then heard a voice in her head. You have followed our directions well. We are pleased. We will be with you through the coming changes.

Kahotep and Tameri exchanged glances. He had heard it, too. The visitors floated out the exit at the back of the balcony. The crowd let out a collective breath.

“Did you see? They blessed you with their glances. You are truly Divine! Truly, Lord and Lady. I am so grateful to be in the Presence of such Holy Ones. I will be forever…”

“Sheriti,” Tameri lightly admonished.

The effusive young woman stopped, red-faced. She smiled shyly. “I apologize, Lady. I know you do not like me to bring attention to your divine qualities. But… but… you are the sun and the moon to me.” She bowed to Tameri.

“It is fine, Sheriti, now hush,” Tameri replied, affectionately squeezing her servant’s arm.

Kahotep smiled to himself, glad that Tameri had been given such a one for her handmaiden.

Refreshments of exotic fruits and aged cheeses were served as the wine flowed freely; the entertainment resumed with many more wondrous acts for the amusement of the crowd. After the final act, a dinner was served of succulent lamb, pheasant, vegetables, and breads of all kinds. It was followed by a dessert of delicate pastries, complemented by an ambrosia nectar.

When the dinner was finished, before everyone took their leave, Tameri and Kahotep arose to bless all the guests. They stood side by side, touching each other’s hands, her right palm to his left palm. Their fingers pointed upwards toward the ceiling, opposite arms also raised high in supplication. Through the power that had been infused in them during the initiation of the High Priest and High Priestess that took place while they were still in Atlantis, they created a conduit to the Goddess, to Her omnipotent energy. A funnel of white light could be seen pouring down upon them. Many in the room had never seen such a thing and were awestruck.

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