Thirteenth Century England XI

Proceedings of the Gregynog Conference, 2005

by Björn Weiler, Janet Burton,

Editors: Janet Burton, Björn Weiler, Philipp Schofield, Karen Stöber The thirteenth century brought the British Isles into ever closer contact with one another, and with medieval Europe as a whole. This international dimension forms a dominant theme of this collection: it features essays on England's relations with the papal court; the adoption of European cultural norms in Scotland; Welsh society and crusading; English landholding in Ireland; and dealings between the kings of England and Navarre. Other papers, on ritual crucifixion, concepts of office and ethcis, and the English royal itinerary, show that the thirteenth century was also a period of profound political and cultural change, witnessing the transformation of legal and economic structures (represented here by case studies of noblewomen and their burial customs; and a prolonged inheritance dispute in Laxton). This volume testifies to the continuing vitality and (with contributors from three continents and six countries) international nature of scholarship on medieval Britain; and moves beyond the Channel to make an important contribution to the history of medieval Europes. Contributors: ROBERT STACEY, FRÉDÉRIQUE LACHAUD, STEPHEN CHURCH, CHRISTIAN HILLEN, JESSICA NELSON, MATTHEW HAMMOND, KATHRYN HURLOCK, NICHOLAS VINCENT, ADAM DAVIES, HUI LIU, EMMA CAVELL, DAVID CROOK, BETH HARTLAND
  • Boydell & Brewer; July 2012
  • ISBN 9781846155994
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  • Title: Thirteenth Century England XI
  • Author: Björn Weiler (ed.); Janet Burton (ed.); Phillipp Schofield (ed.)
  • Imprint: Boydell Press