Compassionate Souls

Raising the Next Generation to Change the World


This is a book about conscious parenting. It is therefore, a book about choices. Unlike previous generations, we have more choices as parents than at any time in history. Yet, since all choices have consequences, this is both a blessing and a challenge. Parenting today is hard!

Compassionate Souls will give you the tools for helping your children grow into compassionate, caring adults, who can think for themselves and excercise their freedom responsibly. As you read, you may find some of what I suggest, although perhaps a good idea, would be simply to difficult for you to implement in your life at this time. If you decide that it would be too challenging for you to make choices so out of step with what everyone else is doing, consider that in making that decision you are in essence modeling a very powerful example for your children. It is our actions, not our words or belief, that wield the most influence with our offspring.

  • Lantern Books; June 2000
  • ISBN 9781930051034
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  • Title: Compassionate Souls
  • Author: JoAnn Farb
  • Imprint: Lantern Books