Science of Happiness

Acupuncture - How and Why It Works on Aging, Pain & Inflammation

by Anuthep Benja-Athon,

The most authoritative source of reliable information on acupuncture and its impact on your health. This 21st-century e-treatise™ explains to you how acupuncture is beneficial to your health. We experience injury, inflammation, illness, disease, pain, suffering and aging of various body parts. Acupuncture can take away pain and suffering, treat and cure many ailments, improve the quality of life and slow down aging. Science of Happiness™ answers the questions you have about acupuncture. In so doing, it removes the cloak of mystery shrouding acupuncture.

  • Muscle Joint Nerve; January 2000
  • ISBN 9780970658012
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  • Title: Science of Happiness
  • Author: Anuthep Benja-Athon; Christopher A. L. Cox
  • Imprint: Muscle Joint Nerve