Beginning EJB 3

Java EE 7 Edition

by Jonathan Wetherbee, Raghu Kodali, Chirag Rathod,

Develop powerful, standards-based, back-end business logic with Beginning EJB 3, Java EE 7 Edition. Led by an author team with 20 years of combined Enterprise JavaBeans experience, you'll learn how to use the new EJB 3.2 APIs. You'll gain the knowledge and skills you’ll need to create the complex enterprise applications that run today's transactions and more.

Targeted at Java and Java EE developers, with and without prior EJB experience, Beginning EJB 3 is packed with practical insights, strategy tips, and code examples. As each chapter unfolds, you'll not only explore a new area of the spec; you'll also see how you can apply it to your own applications through specific examples.

Beginning EJB 3 will serve not only as a reference, but it will also function as a how-to guide and repository of practical examples to which you can refer as you build your own applications. It will help you harness the power of EJBs and take your Java EE 7 development to the next level.

  • Apress; June 2013
  • ISBN 9781430246930
  • Read online, or download in secure PDF format
  • Title: Beginning EJB 3
  • Author: Jonathan Wetherbee; Raghu Kodali; Chirag Rathod; Peter Zadrozny
  • Imprint: Apress

About The Author

Jonathan Wetherbee is a consulting engineer and tech lead for EJB development tools on Oracle's JDeveloper IDE. He has over 20 years of experience in development at Oracle, working on a variety of O/R mapping tools and overseeing Oracle's core EJB toolset since EJB 1.1. Most recently, Jon has been responsible for the design and development of EJB and JPA data binding solutions for ADF, Oracle's application development framework. Prior to joining the JDeveloper project, Jon was a product manager for Oracle's CASE (computer-aided software engineering) tools and worked on early object-relational frameworks. He received a patent in 1999 for his work on integrating relational databases in an object-oriented environment. Jon is coauthor of the first edition of this book, "Beginning EJB 3 Application Development: From Novice to Professional," and has published articles online in Java Developer's Journal and Oracle Technical Network. He enjoys speaking, and has given talks at conferences and developer groups, including Oracle's iDevelop (Bangalore, Taipei), The Server Side Java Symposium (Barcelona), and various Java user groups. Jon holds a Bachelor of Science degree in cognitive science from Brown University.