Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence

10th International Conference

by Sigeru Omatu, José Neves, Juan M. Corchado Rodriguez, Juan F Paz Santana,

The International Symposium on Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence 2013 (DCAI 2013) is a forum in which applications of innovative techniques for solving complex problems are presented. Artificial intelligence is changing our society. Its application in distributed environments, such as the internet, electronic commerce, environment monitoring, mobile communications, wireless devices, distributed computing, to mention only a few, is continuously increasing, becoming an element of high added value with social and economic potential, in industry, quality of life, and research. This conference is a stimulating and productive forum where the scientific community can work towards future cooperation in Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence areas. These technologies are changing constantly as a result of the large research and technical effort being undertaken in both universities and businesses. The exchange of ideas between scientists and technicians from both the academic and industry sector is essential to facilitate the development of systems that can meet the ever increasing demands of today's society.

This edition of DCAI brings together past experience, current work, and promising future trends associated with distributed computing, artificial intelligence and their application in order to provide efficient solutions to real problems. This symposium is organized by the Bioinformatics, Intelligent System and Educational Technology Research Group (http://bisite.usal.es/) of the University of Salamanca. The present edition was held in Salamanca, Spain, from 22nd to 24th May 2013.


  • Springer International Publishing; June 2013
  • ISBN 9783319005515
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  • Title: Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence
  • Author: Sigeru Omatu (ed.); José Neves (ed.); Juan M. Corchado Rodriguez (ed.); Juan F Paz Santana (ed.); Sara Rodríguez Gonzalez (ed.)
  • Imprint: Springer