Historical Land Use/Land Cover Classification Using Remote Sensing

A Case Study of the Euphrates River Basin in Syria


Although the development of remote sensing techniques focuses greatly on construction of new sensors with higher spatial and spectral resolution, it is advisable to also use data of older sensors (especially, the LANDSAT-mission) when the historical mapping of land use/land cover and monitoring of their dynamics are needed. Using data from LANDSAT missions as well  as from Terra (ASTER) Sensors, the authors shows in his book maps of historical land cover changes with a focus on agricultural irrigation projects.

The kernel of this study was whether, how and to what extent applying the various remotely sensed data that were used here, would be an effective approach to classify the historical and current land use/land cover, to monitor the dynamics of land use/land cover during the last four decades, to map the development of the irrigation areas, and to classify the major strategic winter- and summer-irrigated agricultural crops in the study area of the Euphrates River Basin.

  • Springer International Publishing; June 2013
  • ISBN 9783319006246
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  • Title: Historical Land Use/Land Cover Classification Using Remote Sensing
  • Author: Wafi Al-Fares
  • Imprint: Springer