Substrate and Adstrate

The Origins of Spatial Semantics in West African Pidgincreoles


This series offers a wide forum for work on contact linguistics, adopting an integrated approach to diachronic and synchronic manifestations of contact, ranging from social and individual aspects to structural-typological issues. Topics covered by the series include psycholinguistic and acquisition-oriented aspects of child and adult multilingualism such as bilingual language processing, second language acquisition, and bilingual first language acquisition; social, formal-structural, and conversational aspects of code switching; diachronic and typological aspects of contact-induced language change such as lexical and structural borrowing, contact languages, pidgins and creoles, convergence, and linguistic areas; as well as societal aspects of multilingualism, language management in multilingual societies, receptive multilingualism and lingua francas, language maintenance and language shift, multilingualism in computer-mediated communication, and more. The series does not have a fixed theoretical orientation and welcomes contributions from a variety of approaches.

  • De Gruyter; April 2015
  • ISBN 9781614514626
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  • Title: Substrate and Adstrate
  • Author: Micah Corum
  • Imprint: De Gruyter Mouton

About The Author

Micah Corum, Hamburg University, Germany.