Kentucky Government, Politics, and Public Policy

by James C. Clinger, Michael W. Hail, Mitch McConnell, Trey Grayson, Robert M. Ireland, Kendra B. Stewart, Thomas M. Martin, Paul Blanchard, Bradley Canon, Murray Y.S. Bessette, Lisa Cave, Joel Turner, Scott Lasley, Donald A. Gross, Hank Savitch, Ronald K. Vogel, Lucas Elliott, Julie Cencula Olberding, Richard E. Day, Jo Ann G. Ewalt, Steven G. Koven, Edward Jennings, Jeremy Hall, Ann Beck, Jeffrey Talbert,

The cornerstone of the American republic is an educated, active, and engaged citizenry; however, the multifaceted inner workings of government and the political forces that shape it are incredibly complex. Kentucky Government, Politics, and Public Policy is the first book in nearly three decades to provide a comprehensive overview of the commonwealth's major governing and political institutions and the public policy issues that profoundly affect Kentuckians' daily lives.

In this groundbreaking volume, editors James C. Clinger and Michael W. Hail have assembled respected scholars from across the state to inform citizens about their governing institutions, the consequences of their policy choices, and the intricacies of the political process. They provide clear and authoritative information on Kentucky's government and explain significant trends and patterns, exploring the legacy of the state's political history and illuminating the contributions of influential Kentucky politicians such as Henry Clay, Abraham Lincoln, and Jefferson Davis.

The contributors also address essential topics such as the structure and function of the three branches of government, the constitution, and federalism and intergovernmental relations, as well as administration, budgeting, and finance. They analyze key issues in education policy, economic and community development, and health care in great detail, explaining persistently controversial topics such as campaign finance, the cost of elections, ethics, and the oversight of regulatory agencies. From the executive branch to the legislature, from the court system to political parties, there is no better primer on government in the commonwealth.

  • The University Press of Kentucky; October 2013
  • ISBN 9780813143170
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  • Title: Kentucky Government, Politics, and Public Policy
  • Author: James C. Clinger (ed.); Michael W. Hail (ed.); Mitch McConnell (other); Trey Grayson (other); Robert M. Ireland (contrib.); Kendra B. Stewart (contrib.); Thomas M. Martin (contrib.); Paul Blanchard (contrib.); Bradley Canon (contrib.); Murray Y.S. Bessette (contrib.); Lisa Cave (contrib.); Joel Turner (contrib.); Scott Lasley (contrib.); Donald A. Gross (contrib.); Hank Savitch (contrib.); Ronald K. Vogel (contrib.); Lucas Elliott (contrib.); Julie Cencula Olberding (contrib.); Richard E. Day (contrib.); Jo Ann G. Ewalt (contrib.); Steven G. Koven (contrib.); Edward Jennings (contrib.); Jeremy Hall (contrib.); Ann Beck (contrib.); Jeffrey Talbert (contrib.); Amie Goodin (contrib.)
  • Imprint: The University Press of Kentucky

In The Press

"The book is overdue because there has been no such comprehensive volume about Kentucky government and politics since the state Senate went Republican 14 years ago..." -- Kentucky Standard

About The Author

James C. Clinger is associate professor of government and director of the masters of public administration at Murray State University.

Michael W. Hail is professor of government, assistant dean of the School of Public Affairs, and the director of the Master of Public Administration (MPA) and government graduate programs at Morehead State University.