GIS for Water Resource and Watershed Management


GIS for Water Resource and Watershed Management
The use of GIS, and its application for solving environmental problems is growing rapidly. This powerful set of tools can be used to great effect in hydrological modeling, environment and habitat assessments, ecosystem studies, monitoring of wetlands and forested watersheds, urban studies, agricultural impact assessment and much more. GIS for Watershed and Water Resource Management explains the fundamentals, demonstrates new approaches, techniques and methods, and provides examples of real applications. It presents the basic concepts, and shows how to acquire the critical information needed to plan and implement GIS studies, and develop practical solutions for environmental management and problem solving.
  • CRC Press; October 2002
  • ISBN 9780203217917
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  • Title: GIS for Water Resource and Watershed Management
  • Author: John G. Lyon (ed.)
  • Imprint: CRC Press

About The Author

John Lyon has been interested since childhood in water resources, watersheds and wetlands as places to study vegetation. As a full Professor of Civil Engineering at Ohio State University, he has used remote sensing and GIS as powerful analytical and evaluative tools in his research.