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Magick by Taffs Mary
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Diana's magickal talents make her an evil cult's target, and Win must save her life. Can any magick make Diana believe she's worthy of a man's love?
Awe-Struck Publishing; May 2002
164 pages; ISBN 9781587491528
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Title: Magick
Author: Taffs Mary
Their relationship? They didn't have a relationship, did they?

Win added, "It's really a very simple ceremony. It'll only take a couple of minutes."

"All right. What do I need to do?" She hoped Win was telling the truth that it was simple.

He took the clothesline off the altar and her heart rate accelerated. He smiled and tied one end of the line to his left wrist. "Please trust me, Diana. I would never hurt you."

"I know," she said, but she wasn't as sure of that as she wanted to be.

He took her right wrist and gently tied the other end of the rope around it. They were connected now. "Diana, this cord symbolizes our relationship before I violated it by placing a compulsion spell on you. We were tied together because of our powers and our roles in the Balance. I was your sworn protector."

He took the knife from the altar and slashed through the cord. "But I destroyed our relationship and violated the most sacred tenets of the Balance. I have spent the hours since we arrived here seeking Goddess's forgiveness and acceptance. I now ask the same of you." He dropped to his knees at her feet. "Diana, will you forgive me and accept me as your protector once more?"

He rose to his feet fluidly - not like he'd been in this cold room for the last twelve hours. "Then let us reunite the cord that binds us together." Using only his right hand, he quickly retied the pieces of rope. "I pledge to you, Diana, on my honor as a Mage, that I will never again do anything to sever this bond."

A subtle change in his body language made her suspect that the ritual was now complete. They were still tied together, though, so maybe not. She waited.

A few seconds later, he slipped the cord off his wrist without untying it, then slipped the other end off hers. "As a symbol of my pledge, I ask you to keep this cord."

That seemed a little strange, but the Balance seemed to put a lot of emphasis on symbolism and formality, so she agreed. "All right."

She expected him to hand it to her, but he leaned forward and wrapped it around her waist. She held her breath and stayed motionless, thinking he'd tie it loosely and might not touch her. Instead, he tied it close around her waist, his warm hands hovering in the area for much longer than seemed absolutely necessary.

That was when she remembered the whole thing was a dream.

That made sense. The real Win wouldn't have the slightest interest in touching her body.

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