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More Than Magick

More Than Magick by Taffs Mary
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Diana can't forgive Goddess; Win can't forget Diana's an Adept. Evil threatens the Balance; the lifemates need more than magick.
Awe-Struck Publishing; May 2003
191 pages; ISBN 9781587493768
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Title: More Than Magick
Author: Taffs Mary
Dee sat at the dining room table, cradling a mug of Aradia's wonderful Healing tea in her hands. The spicy aroma and warmth helped distance her a little from that awful dream.

Everyone was at the table except for the one person Dee needed to see. "Isn't the High Priestess joining us for breakfast?"

Ganesha finished a bite of oatmeal before saying, "She's probably running late. Whenever she's away from Castle Magick like this, she has to start and end the day with conference calls with her assistants and other Council members."

Dee was probably supposed to feel sorry for the bitch's workload. Not likely after that dream! Carla was the one to feel sorry for.

Was she still alive after last night? The way that man had thrown her around the room could easily have killed her.

Ganesha went back to his breakfast. He and Sulis talked quietly about their plans for working with Guardian Gianni that day. Dee was glad they didn't include her in the conversation. She would have said some things she might have regretted later.

Win ate steadily, but not with his usual gusto. She knew he was still shaken from waking up to her screams. She'd told him about the dream, but hadn't played it back for him. No one should have to witness something that dreadful.

The High Priestess arrived quite late in the meal. Even though it was early morning, she moved slowly, stiffly, as though exhausted. There were dark circles under her eyes that hadn't been there yesterday.

Dee waited until she'd given her breakfast order to Gracie before asking, "Were you able to locate Carla last night, High Priestess? I had another dream, and it was even worse."

The High Priestess's forehead drew together and she sighed. "I'm sorry to hear that, Adept. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to scry for her last night, after all. Something more urgent required my full attention."

? What could possibly be more urgent than saving Carla from the maniac who took her?" Dee gripped the edge of the table, to keep herself from screaming at the bitch.

"Sad to say, there are numerous demands of more urgency. I sympathize with your feelings for your friend -"

The High Priestess shook her head impatiently. "Your colleague, then. My point remains the same. Carla is one single member of the Balance. My responsibility is to Goddess, first of all, and secondly, to the Balance as a whole."

Dee had heard that same argument from Ogma, after Win had been captured by Shiva. She didn't believe it now, either.

So the bitch had strung her along for a whole day, for nothing. Had she ever intended to look for Carla?

It was coming down to the same old story - the Balance didn't care enough about the poor schmucks who dedicated their lives to Goddess to even try to save them. Well, Dee cared. "If I was going to have to find her myself, you should have told me!"

The High Priestess just stared at her, her eyes squinting slightly. "Your Sight is untrained, Adept Diana," she said at last. "I hardly think finding Carla is something you can just decide you're going do."

"I won't know unless I try, will I?" Dee shoved her chair back from the table and stood. "Excuse me, everyone. I have something urgent to do."

She only wished she had a clue how to go about it.

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