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Night Beasts

Night Beasts by McGregor Alan
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This is a novel about alien abduction and all the horror that goes with it. Much more than just a thrill-a-minute sci fi romance about aliens. The story on its deepest level is about the true worth of beings--all types of beings--and how we all fit into the vast universe of worthy souls.
Awe-Struck Publishing; February 2000
103 pages; ISBN 9781928670940
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Title: Night Beasts
Author: McGregor Alan
So Susan began. She began slowly, piece by piece revealing the bizarre happenings that had plagued her since childhood. When she described the appearance of her alien abductors, Rem showed no reaction. When she told him of the torturous physical examinations, he didn't flinch. When she told him of the hybrid children, his eyebrows went up.

"You don't believe me. You don't believe a word I've told you," Susan said, upset now.

Rem took her hand and held it tenderly. "Susan, I don't have a long enough history in my short memory to know if this could even be happening to you. But what I do know is this-I know that I won't allow anything to happen to you."

"But you can't stop them, Rem," Susan said frantically. "If you try to protect me, you'll end up on one of their torture tables just like me." She clutched his hand, afraid she had said too much-afraid he would leave her and her wild stories.

Rem looked at her; great compassion was in his eyes. "They won't take you tonight because I'm staying awake while you sleep. These "night beasts," as you call them, will not harm you."


Susan's hands were shaking so much, Rem had to help her undress and put on her pajamas. She was terrified of what she knew was to come. He gently laid her down on the sheets and then covered her and tucked her in the bed. "Rem, when they come for me, please don't try to stop them. Please," she heard herself mumbling


"Take your filthy, clammy hands off me!" Susan screamed. "Get away from me!" Five small beings held her down on the table while she screamed herself hoarse. "Get awaaaaay from me, you bastards!"

She felt a sharp sting against her neck. They had hit her with the cattle prod, as she came to call it, again. Instantly she felt drugged. Her tongue was thick and she found it impossible to form words or even to use her voice.

A tall being, the same being that had plagued her since she was very small, glided up to her. It stared with its huge eyes, as if evaluating her for whatever insane purpose. Susan began whimpering in her mind. She didn't want to give in to these maniacs, but many times their very presence frightened her beyond reason. The being was doing it again-and it was enjoying it. "Rem!" Susan screamed in her mind.

"Rem is not here, Susan. You are all alone with this entity. Rem cannot save you. How does it feel, Susan, to be alone? How does it feel to be isolated and unloved and alone? What if this entity were to keep you here, alone and unwanted, away from your dear Rem? How would you feel, Susan?"

The being leaned over Susan and its head was now pressing fully on Susan's face. It felt like a monstrous grasshopper on her face and it was smothering her. "Noooo! Oh, God, nooooo!" Susan screamed in her head.

Suddenly the paralysis was gone. The five beings grabbed Susan's arms and unceremoniously dragged her out of the room.

"Where are you taking me? My God, haven't you done enough to me? Where are you taking me?" she choked.

They dragged her into the hybrid room. She didn't want to hold a baby now. She couldn't hold a baby. Didn't they know that she couldn't do what they asked when she was upset like this? Didn't they have any feelings at all?

"No," Susan said. She put her head down in a show of stubbornness. "Nothing you can do to me will make me hold a baby. I won't do it."

"still you cannot solve the puzzle. Your human brain is incapable of making any sense of what we have been doing to you all these years."

Susan reared her head up and looked the being in the eye. "Oh, I've made sense of it. You people have no emotions, so you are trying to generate in you what you don't have by making we emotional humans suffer. You are studying how we react in the pathetic hope of emulating us."

emotion. You have to feel itin here" Susan pointed to her heart. "You bastards have no heart, no feelings. You're just cold bugs who prey upon us in the middle of the night. You yank us from our beds like a black widow spider devours her male partner. You're pathetic." She looked at the smaller beings who stood with arms at their sides. You are all just pathetic."


"Rem! Where am I? Help me!" Susan began to run, but tripped and fell. Underfoot it was wet and cold and slimy. "Help me, Rem!" she screamed. She tried to see where she was, but it was dark. And it was cold. She had to stop and think. She knew she couldn't just go plunging ahead if she didn't know where she was. She put her arms in front her and her fingers touched what felt like a tree! She was in a wooded area! She knew this now beyond doubt. They had never dumped her in a strange place before. They always returned her to her bed. She slowly sat down. She could feel grass and weeds beneath her. And then she went into a slow panic.

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