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Selena's Seduction

Selena's Seduction by Butler Jewelann
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The night before her wedding Selena Robbins is 'blackmailed' into marrying her fiance's brother, Rafe MacLachlan.
Awe-Struck Publishing; October 2001
174 pages; ISBN 9781587490637
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Title: Selena's Seduction
Author: Butler Jewelann
Rafe took a step closer to Selena and in a calm, but pleading voice said, "Last night, just last night, you told me that you loved me."

"Love you? I loathe you." She walked away from him.

"Stop!" he yelled after her.

"No," she answered not looking back at him. She heard him following her and she quickened her pace.

"Selena, ye must listen to me."

"I will not listen to you conjure up any more of your despicable, horrible deceptions."

He called after her again, but she raced up the steps. Her hurriedness seemed slow in comparison to the way contempt for herself filled her. How naive she had been.

She ran down the hall and into her bedroom. Turning, she fumbled with the lock to the door and when the mechanism clinked into place, she rested against the door for a moment.

What was she going to do? What could she do? She was married to this monster.

Rafe tried to open the door and she heard him slap the door.

"Selena, I beg ye, let me explain."

The last thing she wanted right now was to listen to him. Hear his voice with its charming brogue, see those enchanting blue eyes of his, beseeching her to believe him. He would not seduce her again.

"I had to protect ye."

"Protect me? That is a laughable statement."

"Truth. Saul would harm ye."

She shut her eyes. Would he never stop with his fabrications? Anger pumping her blood, she said, "The only protection I need is from you. Your deceptions have harmed me and my family. Go away."

"No. Open the door. Ye are goin' to listen to me." He rattled the doorknob.

In panic she looked around her. She didn't understand why she felt so threatened, but she felt her life spinning out of control. How was she going to stop him? "I have no need to listen to you."

Silence. Had he left? Breathing hard she stood and listened. With a start she realized where he had gone and she rushed to lock the door to their adjoining dressing rooms.

She jumped back when the lock rocked as she heard Rafe try to wrench the handle free from the door. She ran to her dressing table and opened the top drawer. The gun laid there, ready and primed. Slowly she curled her fingers around it and lifted it free from the drawer. The metal, cool to her touch, warmed in her hand.

The door shuttered and Selena heard wood splintering. Holding the gun by both hands she whirled around. Again Rafe kicked at the door.

"I am warning you, do not come in here." Her hands shook as she held the gun and she squeezed her fingers around it even tighter to steady the weapon.

"Or what? Ye'll shoot me?"

"Yes." She heard him coughing. She knew but for his recent illness he would have ripped the door off its hinges by now. "Go away and leave me alone." She had to get past her blind rage in order to think more clearly, but he wasn't giving her the time to do so.

The door crashed open and Rafe started to enter her bedroom and halted when he saw the gun. "Put that away," he ordered.

Her fury turned to rage. How dare he order her to do any thing. "Do not come any closer to me. I swear I will use this." She shook the gun at him.

"Selena, I love you." He took a step.

"No," she said in denial. "That is the last seduction. Get out of my room and away from me." For emphasis she shook the gun at him again. The gun went off.

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