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That Miracle Man

That Miracle Man by Siddons Marti
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Jackson Miracle has never forgotten his "Peach" - nor her marriage to another.
Awe-Struck Publishing; April 2001
114 pages; ISBN 9781928670827
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Title: That Miracle Man
Author: Siddons Marti
She saw Jackson's eyes narrow and he said quietly. "You are beautiful, Laura. And a day hasn't gone by in the last seven years when I haven't thought about you and wanted you. And," he said kissing her lightly again and watching her eyes warm, "I think you've wanted me. Say it, Laura. Say you've wanted me."

"I...I, yes," she said trying to sound reasonable, "I have to admit that there have been times I wouldn't have minded going to bed with you."

Minded. Bull's eye. This woman's choice of words was, well, choice.

"You wouldn't have minded," growled Jackson with a hot, angry look in his eye. "You really know how to flatter me, don't you, Laura. I'll 'do' as a model. You wouldn't 'mind' going to bed with me. Maybe you're not more enthusiastic because you don't know what it's like to have a man make love to you. Let me tell you, Laura, so you can think on it a little," he said.

"But I have..." she began and then stopped. For the first time ever she was a little afraid of Jackson Miracle.

"No. You haven't," he said holding her very still with his hands, his eyes. "You had some jerk roll on top of you and have sex with you."

She squeezed her eyes tight trying to blot out the memory.

"Look at me, Laura."

She opened her eyes.

"But you've never had a man make love to you," he said, his eyes hot and dark.

"Andy will be finished in just a few minutes," she protested.

"Oh, Laura, I wouldn't start making love to you now," he said, his breath warming her, melting her resistance, "no, when I decide to make love to you it's going to take awhile. You see," he said lacing his hand with hers, "making love to a woman properly takes a little time. Do you know why, Laura?"

"," Laura heard herself saying as her head swam with him. What was his voice doing to her? That deep voice was making her shiver. What was he saying?

"First you have to kiss her here and here," he said letting his finger trail over her face and lips, never taking his eyes from her, hesitating for just an instant when his large hand set her trembling and then continuing on down her innocent body.

His hand brushed against her breasts very lightly. They were already taut with desire, aching to be touched. He wanted to bury himself in them, but he wouldn't. He was already so hot he could barely sit still. But he would. He was going to make her want him. Enough of this nonsense. Even if she didn't know it now, she would know it when he was finished. He knew for certain now how shabbily Scott had treated her. There'd been no pleasure for Laura, no sweet release. That was going to change.

He touched her breasts again and felt his stomach clench as he grasped for control as she whimpered very quietly. "Your breasts are perfect, Laura. So heavy and warm. I could kiss them for hours. That's what I'd do." He ran his thumb around her hard nipples very lightly. "I'd kiss them, suckle until I was full. That would take awhile," he said increasing the pressure just enough so she gasped, "so you'd understand how much I want you and you'd know how much you want me," he said leaning forward and running a hot tongue over her lips. Slowly, lightly. And then pulling back.

"Do you understand, Laura?" he asked softly through a haze of pleasure. "Say, yes, Laura."

"Yes," she heard herself saying. What he was doing to her. Why didn't he just run his hands under her T-shirt? Her skin was hot and tingling, wanting his touch. But he wasn't going to. His voice alone was making her frantic with desire. Why didn't he kiss her? Touch her?

"Jackson," she murmured, reaching for him.

"Uh uh," he said softly and pushed her hands to her side, holding them there. "We're just talking now, Laura. Giving you something to think about." He blew lightly on her breasts and growled softly to himself as he watched her tremble. For him. "What were your words? You wouldn't mind going to bed with me. Well, I wouldn't mind telling you about it. Understand?"

"Jackson, I always thought you were so sweet, so nice," she whispered. "You know what you're doing."

"Sweet, huh?" he asked, ducking close to her mouth again so he saw her ready herself for a kiss. But he held back and relished her disappointment. "I don't know if I want you to think I am sweet and nice after I've taken you to bed," he said. "Pleasure," he whispered.


"You agree, Laura. I want to give you pleasure. But sweet. Oh, Laura, that sounds so soft, so light, and sometimes that's not what pleasure is about."

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