Cultural Competence in Forensic Mental Health

A Guide for Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Attorneys

by Wen-Shing Tseng, Daryl Matthews,

As culturally relevant psychiatry becomes common practice, the need for competent and culturally relevant forensic psychiatry comes to the forefront. This volume, written by one expert in cultural psychiatry and another in forensic psychiatry addresses that need. By combining their expertise in these areas, they are able to develop and create a new body of knowledge and experiences addressing the issue of the cultural aspects of forensic psychiatry.

Beginning with an introduction to cultural and ethnic aspects of forensic psychiatry, this volume will address basic issues of the practice, as well as more detailed areas ranging from the various psychiatric disorders to intensive analysis and discussion of how to perform forensic psychiatric practice in a culturally relevant and competent way. Also the book suggests methods for continued awareness and sensitivity to issues of cultural and ethnic diversity in the field.
  • Taylor and Francis; July 2004
  • ISBN: 9781135936273
  • Edition: 1
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  • Title: Cultural Competence in Forensic Mental Health
  • Author: Wen-Shing Tseng; Daryl Matthews; Todd S. Elwyn
  • Imprint: Routledge

About The Author

Wen-Shing Tseng, M.D. is Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Hawaii School of Medicine. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Society for the Study of Psychiatry and Culture and the author of the Handbook of Cultural Psychiatry.

Daryl Matthews, M.D. is Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Forensic Psychiatry Program at the University of Hawaii School of Medicine, and Co-Director of Training in Forensic Psychiatry at Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu.

Todd S. Elwyn, Clinical instructor in psychiatry and fellow in forensic psychiatry at the University of Hawaii School of Medicine, USA