Neutron Radiative Capture

Neutron Physics and Nuclear Data in Science and Technology

by B. J. Allen, I. Bergqvist, R. E. Chrien, A. Michaudon,

Neutron Physics and Nuclear Data in Science and Technology, Volume 3: Neutron Radiative Capture discusses topics that help bridge the gap between experimental and theoretical scientists and applications scientists and engineers.
The first chapter discusses the theory of slow neutron radiative capture, while the second chapter covers fast neutron radiative capture. Chapter III talks about methods for calculating neutron capture cross sections and gamma-ray spectra, while Chapter IV deals with the measurement techniques for radiative neutron capture, and Chapter V discusses neutron capture processes in fission reactors. The sixth chapter covers applications to stellar nucleosynthesis and the seventh chapter covers the practical uses of neutron capture gamma-ray spectroscopy.
The book is meant for the use of graduate students who are knowledgeable about basic nuclear physics.
  • Elsevier Science; October 2013
  • ISBN 9781483152431
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  • Title: Neutron Radiative Capture
  • Author: B. J. Allen; I. Bergqvist; R. E. Chrien; A. Michaudon (ed.); S. Cierjacks (ed.)
  • Imprint: Pergamon