Wavelet Theory And Its Application To Pattern Recognition

by Y Y Tang, J Liu,

This is not a purely mathematical book. It presents the basic principle of wavelet theory to electrical and electronic engineers, computer scientists, and students, as well as the ideas of how wavelets can be applied to pattern recognition. It also contains many novel research results from the authors' research team.

Contents: Continuous Wavelet Transforms; Multiresolution Analysis and Wavelet Bases; Some Typical Wavelet Bases; Edge Detection by Wavelet Transform; Feature Extraction by Wavelet Sub-Patterns and Divider Dimensions; Document Analysis by Reference Line Detection with 2-D Wavelet Transform; Chinese Character Processing with B-Spline Wavelet Transform; Classifier Design Based on Orthogonal Wavelet Series.

Readership: Computer science graduates and researchers interested in wavelet theory and its application.

  • World Scientific Publishing Company; January 2000
  • ISBN 9789814495165
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  • Title: Wavelet Theory And Its Application To Pattern Recognition
  • Author: Y Y Tang; J Liu; L H Yang
  • Imprint: Imperial College Press