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The Coming

The Coming by Susanne Marie Knight
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"I don't know what happened. There I was, scattering my grandfather's ashes, and then ... it was so odd. The weather was perfect, but then suddenly a big wave swept me ... overboard." Larissa shuddered again, obviously reliving the trauma. "Thank you for rescuing--"

His rescue ship was to be a yacht! Might as well go first class, after all, the four of them not only deserved it, but earned it.

Jack placed his index finger against her lips, and grew amazed at just how delicious that brief touch felt. "No need to thank me, Larissa. Once we flag down your friends, then you'll have returned the favor by rescuing us as well."

She gazed up at him with a questioning look. "But how?"

Christ, she was gorgeous, even in her drowned rat state. But she shivered almost uncontrollably.

Hurrying to his thatched hut awkwardly constructed of palm fronds, he gently sat her on the edge of his makeshift bed, draped a blanket around her, and started massaging her toes with a towel. The poor kid was completely out of it; she almost fell down on top of the bed, but valiantly fought to stay upright.

After he rolled woolen socks onto her icy feet, he helped her into his pilot's jacket--to take away the chills. "Don't worry about a thing. Let's just get you warm...."

Hell, the desire in his voice was thick enough to cut. Hopefully, she didn't notice. He stepped away and got her a glass of collected rain water to drink. "I'm Jack Harrington, by the way. The others are Baker, Scarpelli, and Flannery."

She thanked him with her eyes, then glanced around his hovel that he called home. Seeing it through her perspective, he scratched his hairy chin, then shrugged. Neither he nor his "house" were prepared for female company. One of the first things he'd do when she fell asleep was shave, then trim his overlong hair.

"Do you mind if I take a nap?" She yawned, and her eyelids drooped sensually. "I have a thousand questions but I can't seem..." She yawned again. " think of any of them."

Christ, he could use that cold shower right about now. But that was not in the cards, so he lifted the covers and eased her into the bed, tucking her in. Incredible how smooth her skin felt. "As Baker would say, 'No worries.' I've a ton of questions, too, but they'll wait. You sleep now, I'll be on the lookout for your friends."

An idle thought crossed his mind. Too bad his cot wasn't a double wide one.

"Thank you, Jack." She snuggled under the blankets looking for all the world like an angel. "You're very kind."

Kind? He took one more gander at his unexpected manna from heaven, then picked up his shaving supplies and left the hut. When she woke up, she'd discover her rescuer to be a clean-shaven United States Army Air Force captain, instead of a sorry ass beach bum. Not that it would make any real difference. Soon, very soon, he would be back in the States. Home sweet home--enjoying a hero's welcome. And better than that, he could take to the skies once again.

Anticipation zapped a clear path to his midsection. By Christ, he was so pumped up, he could almost taste it!

Awe-Struck Publishing; May 2004
147 pages; ISBN 9781587494383
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Title: The Coming
Author: Susanne Marie Knight