Bioenergy from Sustainable Forestry

Guiding Principles and Practice

by J. Richardson, R. Björheden, P. Hakkila, A.T. Lowe,

Bioenergy from Sustainable Forestry synthesizes information needed to design or implement sustainable forest management systems for production of biomass for energy in conjunction with other forest products. It is organized around the criteria for sustainable forest management: productivity, environment, social issues, economics, and legal and institutional framework. More than 25 international experts from 10 countries have brought together available ecological, physical, operational, social and economic information and identified gaps in knowledge related to biomass production and harvesting systems. This is the first time that such comprehensive information has been brought together under one cover, using an integrated, holistic approach. Guiding principles and state of the art knowledge are emphasized. The book will enable forest resource managers and planners to evaluate the ability of specific forest regions to sustainably meet bioenergy production demands.
  • Springer Netherlands; April 2006
  • ISBN 9780306475191
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  • Title: Bioenergy from Sustainable Forestry
  • Author: J. Richardson (ed.); R. Björheden (ed.); P. Hakkila (ed.); A.T. Lowe (ed.); C.T. Smith (ed.)
  • Imprint: Springer