Nonlinear Dynamics New Directions

Models and Applications

by Hernán González-Aguilar,

This book, along with its companion volume, Nonlinear Dynamics New Directions: Theoretical Aspects, covers topics ranging from fractal analysis to very specific applications of the theory of dynamical systems to biology. This second volume contains mostly new applications of the theory of dynamical systems to both engineering and biology. The first volume is devoted to fundamental aspects and includes a number of important new contributions as well as some review articles that emphasize new development prospects. The topics addressed in the two volumes include a rigorous treatment of fluctuations in dynamical systems, topics in fractal analysis, studies of the transient dynamics in biological networks, synchronization in lasers, and control of chaotic systems, among others.

This book also:

· Develops applications of nonlinear dynamics on a diversity of topics such as patterns of synchrony in neuronal networks, laser synchronization, control of chaotic systems, and the study of transient dynamics in biological

· Includes a study of self-organized regularity in long-range systems

· Explains use of Levenstein's distance for measuring lexical evolution rates

  • Springer International Publishing; February 2015
  • ISBN 9783319098647
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  • Title: Nonlinear Dynamics New Directions
  • Author: Hernán González-Aguilar (ed.); Edgardo Ugalde (ed.)
  • Imprint: Springer