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Proceedings of the Twelfth International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors

July 15 – 19, 1974 Stuttgart

Proceedings of the Twelfth International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors by M. H. Pilkuhn
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Electron-Hole Drops.- Theory of the Electron-Hole Fluid (Plenary Invited).- Experimental Aspects of Electron-Hole Drops in Semiconductors (Plenary Invited).- Multiple-Exciton Complexes Bound to Neutral Impurities in Si and Ge (Invited).- Microwave Electric Susceptibility of Electron Hole Droplets in Germanium.- Properties of Electron-Hole Drops in Germanium Revealed by their Size Distribution.- Surface Properties and Collective Modes of Electron-Hole Droplets in Ge, Si and Strained Ge.- Uniaxial Stress and Temperature Dependent Stability of Electron-Hole Drops in Germanium.- The Electric Charge of the Electron-Hole Drops in Ge.- Breakdown and Condensation of Excitons in Ge.- Electron-Hole Liquid in High Magnetic Fields.- Luminescence Properties of the Electron-Hole Liquid in Highly Excited Pure and Heavily Doped Germanium.- Properties of Electron-Hole Droplets in Germanium.- Polarization of Exciton and Biexciton Luminescence in Deformed Germanium.- Observation of Microwave Dimensional Resonances of Large Electron-Hole Drops in Ge.- Luminescence from Interacting Electrons and Holes in Germanium.- High Density Effects, Biexcitons.- Bose Condensation of High Density Exciton System in Semiconductors (Plenary Invited).- High Excitation Luminescence of CdS.- Structure of the Biexciton Molecule and Optical Transition Selection Rules in Zincblende and Wurtzite Materials.- Excitonic Molecules in Copper Halides.- Coherent Interaction of Bose-Condensed Biexcitons with Radiation Field.- On the Bose-Einstein Condensation of Free Excitons in AgBr.- Investigation of Electron-Hole Plasmas in Pure GaAs by Excitation Spectroscopy with High Resolution.- Excitation Spectra and Phase Transition of Excitons in Ultrapure Germanium.- Bands and Bonds.- The Anisotropy of Electroreflectance and Band Structure Analysis (Invited).- Self-Consistent Screened Exchange Calculation of Silicon Band Structure.- Correlated Hartree-Fock Energy Bands for Semiconductors.- Metastable Self-Trapping and Anomalous Temperature Dependence of Hole Mobility.- Aspects of the Molecular Non-Molecular Transition in Se and Te.- Influence of Light on the Elastical Modulus in CdS.- Bond-Charge Model for Phonons in Semiconductors and its Application to Infrared and Raman Spectra.- A Bond Charge Model of Lattice Dynamics.- Sound Velocity in Zero Gap Semiconductors with the Zinc Blende Structure.- Grüneisen Parameters and Phonon Spectra of Germanium and Silicon.- Theory for the Contributions of Noncentral Forces to the Second and Third Order Elastic Constants in Diamond, Zinc-Blende and Wurtzite Type Crystals.- Transport and Magneto-Transport.- Transport Phenomena in Low Mobility Material Like p Type GaSb under Uniaxial Stress.- Anomalous Transport Phenomena in Oxygen Containing Silicon.- Direct Measurement of Polaron Lifetime in Degenerate InAs.- The Relation between One-Phonon and Resonant Indirect Two-Phonon Scattering Rates.- Magnetoresistances in Tellurium at Low Temperature.- Negative Magneto-Resistance in Semiconductors: Estimation of the Quantum Effect.- Influence of Magnetic Field Induced Localisation on the Transport Properties of n-InSb in the Quantum Limit.- Resonant Change of Intrinsic Concentration in the Magnetophonon Effect.- A Study of Intervalley Scattering in n-Si using Magnetophonon Resonance.- Theta-Pinch Experiments in InSb.- Hopping Conduction and Non-Ohmic Properties of Lightly Doped N-Type Gallium Arsenide.- New Materials.- Semiconducting Diamond (Plenary Invited).- Electrical Properties of Boron Monophosphide Epitaxially Grown on Silicon Substrates.- On the Properties of a New Wide-Gap Semiconductor ?-A1B12.- Photoconductivity of Zn-Doped GaN.- Proustite (Ag3AsS3) — An Almost Ideal Nonlinear Material.- Subhalides of Tellurium: A New Group of Compounds with “Modified” Tellurium Structures.- Valence Band Structure of CuGa1?xInxS2 Alloys.- Lattice Dynamics of I–III–VI2 and II–IV–V2 Semiconductors.- Raman Scattering in A2B4C25 Semiconductors: ZnSiP2 and ZnGeP2.- Infrared Reflectance in Quaternary Alloys: Ga1?xA?xAs1?yPy.- Optical Properties of Single Crystal Tin Sulphide.- Electronic Properties of A2VB3VI Single Crystals Doped with Elements of Group IV and VII.- Impurities.- Binding to Chemical Impurities in Semiconductors (Plenary Invited).- Spectral Studies of Weakly-Bound States in Semiconductors in Sub-MM Range (Invited).- Ultrapure Germanium (Invited).- Emission Involving Indirect Minimum In GaAs.- Electron Capture into the Ground State of Shallow Donors in GaAs.- Bound Exciton Luminescence Associated wiyh the Deep Oxygen Donor in Gallium Arsenide.- Photo-Ionization Selection Rules for Deep Oxygen States in GaP.- A Description of Bound Holes as Diatomic Molecules.- On the Theory of Impurity States in Semicondcutors.- Two-Electron States of GaP : 0.- Theory of the Compensation-Induced Parity-Forbidden Excitation Spectra of Shallow Impurities in Semiconductors.- Nonradiative Capture and Recombination at Deep Centers in GaP and GaAs by Multiphonon Emission.- Vibronic Antiresonance and Autoionization in the Optical Spectra of Ti(d2) Impurities in Semiconductors.- Impurity States in Tellurium under High Pressure.- Complex Magnetic Field Splitting of Double-Acceptor Donor in CdS.- Deformation Potentials for Deep Acceptor States in Cubic Semiconductors.- Raman Scattering.- Resonant Light Scattering by Phonons in Semiconductors (Plenary Invited).- Light Scattering Study of Anharmonicity of Lattice Vibrations in GaP (Invited).- Effect of Doping on the Resonance Raman Scattering in InSb near the E1 Transition.- Raman Scattering due to Coupled Phonon-Damped Plasmon Mode in N-GaAs.- Non-Equilibrium Distribution of Polaritons Induced in Bulk GaAs by Absorption of Second Harmonic Photons.- Theory of Resonant Raman Scattering in a Strong Electric Field.- Exciton Enhanced Raman Scattering of LO Phonons in Trigonal Se.- Raman Studies of the Semiconductor to Metal Transition in Ge(As).- Dispersion of Plasmon-Phonon Modes in Degenerate Polar Semiconductors.- Electron-Two Phonon Interaction.- Carrier-Two Phonon Interaction in Semiconductors (Plenary Invited).- Theory of Strongly Resonating Anomalous Two Phonon Peaks in Resonant Second Order Spectra.- Resonant Second Order Raman Scattering in Tetrahedral Semiconductors.- Second Order Raman Effect in AlP, AlAs and AlSb.- Magneto-Optics.- Discussion of Theories of Cyclotron Resonance Line Shape.- Electron-Phonon Induced Cyclotron Resonance.- Polaron Pinning Induced Linewidths of LO-Phonon-Assisted Cyclotron Resonance in n-InSb.- Far Infrared Cyclotron Absorption in P-Type Pb1?xSnxTe and PbTe.- Magneto-Electroreflectance in Ge, InSb and GaAs.- Investigation of Magnetoplasmon-Phonon Type Surface Polaritons on n-InSb.- Magneto-Surface Polaritons on n-Type InSb for the Geometry HIk.- Dielectric Constants and Carrier Densities of Pb1?xSnxTe by Magnetoplasma Waves.- Magneto-Optical Measurements on H-Implanted 6H SiC.- Direct Determination of the Free Electron Mass and g-Value in GaSb.- Theory of the Cyclotron Resonance Shape in Polar Semiconductors.- Phase Transitions.- Peierls Transition in “One-Dimensional” Solids (Plenary Invited).- Investigation of some Transition Metal Oxides Exhibiting Metal-Nonmetal Transitions.- Electron Spin Resonance in VO2.- Semimetal-Metal and Metal-Metal Phase Transitions in IT- and 2H-TaS2: Relation to Superlattice Structures.- Peierls Instability in the Layer Semiconductor MoS2 ?.- The Displacive Phase Transition in SnTe and Pb1?xSnxTe.- Layer Compounds.- Electrons in “Two-Dimensional” Solids (Plenary Invited).- Phonons in Two-Dimensional-Network Crystals.- Electron-Phonon Interaction and Band Shifts of Two- and One-Dimensional Semiconductors.- Interband Transitions in some Layered Chalcogenide Semiconductors.- The Tin Dichalcogenides and their Intercalated Derivatives.- OPW Band Structure of Layered TiS2.- Excitons in MoS2.- Surfaces.- Electron Spectroscopic Studies of Semiconductor Surfaces (Plenary Invited).- Quantum Galvano-Magnetic Phenomena in M.O.S. Inversion Layers (Plenary Invited).- Electronic Structure of Si and Ge Surfaces (Invited).- Surface State Densities on Clean Semiconductor Surfaces Measured by Ellipsometry.- Resonant Electron Transport in Semiconductor Barrier Structures.- Realistic Calculations of Surface State Densities.- Magnetically Controlled Surface Conduction in p-Type InSb at Liquid Helium Temperatures.- Mott-Anderson Localization in the Two-Dimensional Band Tail of Si Inversion Layers.- Negative and Positive Magnetoresistance related to Surface States in Silicon Inversion Layers.- Spectroscopy of Space Charge Layers on n-Type Si.- Self-Consistent Calculations of Electric Subbands in p-Type Silicon Inversion Layers.- Valley-Orbit Splitting of the States in Surface Inversion Layers.- Theory of Cyclotron Resonance Line Shape in MOS Inversion Layers.- The Influence of Landau Level Broadening on the Shubnikov-De Haas Effect in Two-Dimensional Conductors.- Surface States at Clean and Cesiated Ge (111) Surfaces.- Spin-Dependent Properties and Spin-Flip.- Optical Pumping in Semiconductors (Invited).- Interimpurity Luminescence in Silicon with Highly Spin-Polarized Carriers.- Spin-Dependent Conductivity and Microwave Hot Electron Effect near the Metal-Nonmetal Transition of Heavily Doped Silicon.- Dynamics of Excitonic Complexes and Detection of Electron Spin Resonance by Optical Spin Orientation Techniques.- Optical Pumping of a Degenerated Distribution of Electrons in InSb.- Strong Magnetic Fields of Optically Polarized Nuclear Spins in Semiconductors.- Optical Orientation in Strained Semiconductors.- Spin-Flip Raman Scattering (Invited).- Study of Mott Transition and Observation of Strong Microwave Induced Spin-Flip Raman Light Scattering in n-Type CdS.- Quantum Effects in Spin-Flip Scattering.- New Theoretical Results for the InSb Spin-Flip Raman Laser.- Cyclotron Harmonics Absorption and Temperature Dependence of Stimulated Spin-Flip Raman Scattering in InSb.- Hot Electrons.- Theory of the Hot Electron Magnetophonon Effect (Invited).- The Effect of Band Warping on the Anisotropy of Hot-Hole Drift Velocity in Ge.- Measurement of Intervalley Repopulation Time in Silicon.- A.C. Conductivity of Semiconductors with Hot Electrons.- Photoconductive Properties of CdS Single Crystals with Different Types of Recombination Domain Instabilities.- Spontaneous Radiative Transitions of Hot Electrons between Landau-Levels in n-InSb.- Hot Electron Effects in Silver Halides in Quantum Limit.- Resonant Cooling of Hot Electrons in Quantizing Magnetic Fields in n-InSb.- Electron Heating by Non-Uniform Electric Field.- Acousto- and Piezoelectric Effects.- Electric Field Echoes and Storage in Piezoelectric Semiconductors (Plenary Invited).- Light Diffraction Studies of CdS Phonon Masers (Invited).- Comparison of Experimental and Theoretical Results of Gain Saturation in Acoustoelectric Domains.- Intense Laser Modulation of Acoustoelectric Interactions.- Magnetic Semiconductors.- Modulated Reflectance Spectra of Europium Chalcogenides.- Thermo-Reflectance Spectra of Magnetic Semiconductors: EuO, EuS, EuSe and EuTe.- Positive Magnetoresistance due to Conduction-Band Splitting in the Eu-Chalcogenides.- Electronic Structure and Magnetic Order of the Iso-Electronic Compounds EuS and GdP.- Magnetic Field-Induced Raman Scattering in EuSe.- Charge Compensation in A-Site Substituted CuCr2S4 Spinels.- Extraordinary Hall Effect in the Magnetic Semiconductor Sn1?xMnxTe.- Critical Scattering and Band Conduction in Nearly Stoichiometric FeO.- Theory of Spin-Dependent Phonon Raman Scattering in Magnetic Semiconductors.- Light Scattering in the Vicinity of Plasma Frequencies in Pyrite-Type Magnetic Semiconductors.- Magnetooptical Investigations of the Two Dimensional Ferromagnet (CH3NH3)2CuCl4.- Excitons.- Magneto-Optics of Free and Bound Excitons in CdTe (Invited).- Non-Coulomb Potentials in Impurity and Bound-Exciton Problems.- Excitons in Degenerate and Non-Degenerate Semiconductors.- Excitons in a Bounded Medium: Lineshape Studies of CdS Reflectance.- On the Theory of Exciton Stark Effect.- Stark Effect on the Energy Bands of CuCl and Cu2O.- Wavelength Modulation Spectra of Excitons in Cu2O.- Investigation of Exciton States in a High Magnetic Field by the Adiabatic Method.- High-Pressure Behaviour of the Exciton and the Absorption Edges in GaSe.- Origin of Anomalies in the Exciton Reflection Spectra of CdS Crystals.- Anomalous Waves and Fabry-Perot Modes of Photoexcitons (Polaritons) in Thin Semiconducting Crystals.- Disordered Semiconductors.- Structures of Amorphous Tetrahedrally-Bonded Semiconductors (Plenary Invited).- Gaps and Electronic States in Tetrahedrally Bounded Amorphous GeS.- X-Ray and Far-UV Photoemission Studies of Amorphous As2S3, As2Se3, and As2Te3.- Raman Studies of the Crystallization of As2Se3.- Variation of the Absorption Coefficient After Optical Excitation in As2Se3 at 1.6°K.- Localized States Distribution in Ternary Chalcogenide Glasses.- Photoluminescence in Amorphous Selenium and its Alloys.- Influence of Preparation Conditions on the Radiative Recombination in Amorphous Silicon.- Continuous Random Network Model for Amorphous Arsenic.- Dangling Bonds in Tetrahedrally Bonded Amorphous Semiconductors.- On some Dielectric Properties of Disordered Semiconductors.- Electronic Properties of Tetrahedrally Bonded Amorphous Semiconductors.- The Thermal Conductivity of Liquid Semiconductors.- Low Frequency Modes in Amorphous Semiconductors.- High Resolution Electron Microscopy of Amorphous Semiconductors and Oxide Glasses.- Heavily Doped Materials.- An Analogue of Mott Transition in Compensated GaAs (Plenary Invited).- Optical Response of Heavily-Doped Semiconductors.- Magnetic Properties of Conduction Electrons in Metallic Si : P and Si : B.- Dynamics of Electrons in Heavily Doped GaAs.- Electronic Density of States for a Tight-Binding Hamiltonian with Fluctuating Bond Interaction.- Field-Dependent Conductivity in Band Tails.- Impurity Breakdown in Heavily Doped Closely Compensated Semiconductors as a Model of Switching in Amorphous Semiconductors.- Conduction and Photoconduction Mechanisms in Compensated InSb Crystals.- Absorption of Sub-Millimeter Radiation in Heavily Doped n-Type Germanium.- Small-Gap Semiconductors.- Photon-Plasmon Processes (Plenary Invited).- Temperature-Dependent Far Infrared Magneto-Transmission in HgTe.- Anomalous Magnetoresistance Effect in HgTe under Uniaxial Compression at Low Temperatures.- Low Temperature Galvanomagnetic Properties of n-Type Hg. 8Cd. 2Te.- Acceptor States in HgTe.- Resonance Conditions for Acceptor Levels in HgCdTe Alloys.- Nonlinear Electric and Optical Effects in Graded Mixed Semiconductors.- Far Infrared Magneto-Transmission Measurements of Bi1?xSbx Alloys.- Magnetic Field-Induced Semimetal-Semiconductor Transition in Bi.- Electroreflectance of PbTe — Band Separations and Parity at L.- Graphite Landau Levels in the Presence of Trigonal Warping.- Optical Properties, Recombination.- Comparison of High-Resolution Ellipsometric and Electroreflectance Spectra of Ge, GaAs, and Si.- Saturated Absorption in Ternary Alloys using Mode Locked Laser Pulses.- Far-Infrared Absorption in p-Type Germanium and Silicon.- The Temperature Shift of the Absorption Edge in Cubic Zns.- Influence of Internal Fields on the Absorption in ZnO.- Depolarization of Light Reflected From CdS and ZnO in the Exciton Region.- Theory of Multiphonon Absorption in Semiconducting Crystals.- Determination of the Optical Constants of Tellurium in the Fundamental Absorption Region by the Excitation of Electromagnetic Surface Waves.- Optical Absorption Edge and Luminescence of PbI2.- Linear and Nonlinear Optical Response of Free Holes in Tellurium.- Theory of Photoelasticity of Semiconducting Crystals.- Anisotropie Photon Drag in p-Type Tellurium.- Optical Rectification and Photon Drag in p-Type GaAs at 10.6?m and 1.06?m.- Auger Recombination in GaSb.- Singly Stimulated Two-Photon Emission in Ga1?xA1xAs.- Photoemission.- Valence and Conduction Band Structure of Ge using Theoretical and Experimental Photoemission Spectra from 6.5 to 23 eV (Plenary Invited).- X-Ray Emission from Semiconductors and the Structure of their Valence Bands (Plenary Invited).- Computed Valence Band Density of States for GeTe, SnTe and PbTe and Interpretation of Photoelectric Spectra.- UV-Photoemission on the (111) — Faces of GaP and GaAs.- Electronic Densities of States of Amorphous and Trigonal Se and Te.- Densities of Valence States and Raman Scattering of Amorphous CuGaSe2.- Detailed Structure of Electronic Surface State Densities in the Gap of Semiconductors by Photoemission Measurements.- Internal Photoemission: Theory and Experiment.- Photoemission and Optical Properties of GaSe.- Ultraviolet Photoemission Studies of the Band Structures of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides.- Contribution of Phonon-Assisted Transitions to the Photoemission Spectra of Si and Ge.- Closing Session.- Concluding Remarks.
Vieweg+Teubner Verlag; November 2013
1303 pages; ISBN 9783322947741
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Title: Proceedings of the Twelfth International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors
Author: M. H. Pilkuhn
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